Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonder Wednesday (Kinda) 04-07-10

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Wonder Wednesday... because I didn't have anything to write about... to bring you Wonder Wednesday, as in "I wonder what's up with that?" Okay, so I HATE Reese Witherspoon. HATE! I'm not sure why... maybe it's the ugly smooshed up face or the fact that I think she's only ever been in like one good movie (Walk The Line). However, what's up with this?!Just FYI, that is NOT her dad or bodyguard... that's her boyfriend! Er... manfriend. Daddy issues much? He looks like an inverted pyramid. Ew! How do you transition from Ryan Phillipe (whom I also hate, so in a lot of ways, I thought they were the perfect Hollywood couple, because I hated them equally, so it was like they deserved each other and this way, neither would date someone I liked and screw that up for me... ahem, Renee Zellwegger!) to that?!

That's all I got!

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