Friday, April 9, 2010


Welcome to my newest feature, W.T.Friday?!, which is kind of just my catch-all observation day. It can be about celebrities or fashion or even just real life, but I'll be focusing on, as Arsenio and C+C Music Factory used to say, "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..."

Real quick, yesterday I saw a girl about 8-10 years old wearing a shirt that said "Keep the Drink, Just Give Me The Money." Um... that is wrong on every level. First of all, who would produce a shirt like that for children? And what child would wear it or even understand what it meant? AND what parent would allow it? Wrong, wrong and wrong! The hope is that she was wearing a small adult shirt, but the last two points still hold! But anyway, onto today's real topic of discussion...
Have you ever heard of Liberty of London? I had not, but they are Target's newest branding partner. Target seems to be going after really high end designers lately, including Jean Paul Gautier, the genius behind Madonna's cone bras in the early 90s. (Just a gratuitous opportunity to run a picture of Madge from my favorite period of her career!)

From what I understand, but am too lazy to look up to verify, Liberty of London are a London-based clothing line, noted for their intricate floral patterns.
When it all first showed up at Target, I had to look away, the patterns were just SO loud and busy and they'd be grouped together, so there'd be like four or five pieces all with their own tiny, busy pattern... it was like getting punched in the eyes by flowers! LoL, I believe, strictly produced clothing and accessories, but with Target, they are putting their patterns on EVERYTHING.

Even bicycles!I've read that in larger markets like New York, the stuff FLEW out of stores as soon as it came out! I was stunned to read that as, like I said, it's fairly garish and I can't believe that many people want it. Also, I was surprised to hear that it was so in demand, since I'd never heard of the brand, and I'm pretty fashion-oriented. Like I know that Comme des Garçons, despite the French name, is a Japanese label. But anyway, we should never judge the general population's taste based on New York or LA because those are different planets. I can see this stuff going on clearance in bulk. I could be wrong. The look has grown on me a bit. I'm more used to it now, but it took a bit. There are some neat men's shirts and ties and I DO have a birthday coming up, so I need a nice birthday outfit.

My favorite ridiculous items we carry are the gardening tools. You can see a watering can and gloves in this pic:
There's also, not pictured, a pop up leaf bag! No more ugly black trash bags! Now you can have a fashionable floral bag to put all your refuse in! I'd better not hear any more about the poor state of the economy, when there are people buying fashionable leaf bags! Next up, fashion embossed toilet brushes and plungers! W.T. Friday?!

There ya go, have a good weekend!

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