Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 04-13-10 GLEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Switching things up a tad, today's Tune In Tuesday is not showcasing music, but TV. Yeah, chameleon like, isn't it? Well... it's kiiiinda about music, too. But anyway, in case you've been living under a rock...
The wait is OVER!!! FINALLY!!! Tonight, the best show on TV returns! GLEEEEEEEE!!!! (T-t-t-t-t-Tina, why so glum, girl? Also, where's Artie? Person who made this collage, why you gotta be like that?)"Dancin' with my se-elf!"
PS the Glee article in Rolling Stone? Sucks ballz! TERRIBLE! But cute pics. (Doesn't Quinn look like Jessica Simpson in this shot?) I tried to find the one of Kurt dressed as a boy scout hugging Finn, but couldn't. It's cute though. I did find this:
Awwww! Baby Ben is so damn adorable!

Um, so, in Googling "Glee Kurt and Finn," I inadvertently stumbled into a whoooole disturbing subculture of fanfic writers that I was unaware of and happily so, all devote to intricately imagining scenarios where... y'know, Kurt and Finn dewitt. I mean, trust me, the idea has wafted through my cranium before too... every skinny nelly gay kid out there was in love with the popular quarterback... but I don't go takin' to teh Internets and writing it all out for the world! And to top that, I found this:Kurt and Puck? Where would one even come up with that pairing? It's a great drawing, but dude, use your powers for good! Wow, Sidetrack City. Ahem, back to the show...

Strangely, I have no idea what the first new episode is about because all the publicity has been directed at next week's, the all-Madonna ep. Check out this preview:

EEEEEEEE!!!! I wish THIS were the first ep! I have to wait a whole freakin' week for this?! BOO!!! Kurt and Mercedes kick "4 Minutes"'s ass!!! And Rachel and Finn on "Open Your Heart?!" Amazing! And I CAN'T WAIT to hear Mercedes TEAR UP the ending of "Like A Prayer!!!" Ahhhhh!!!! It's like Gay Christmas!!!! It needs to get here NOW!!! Gah! I need a Glee Advent Calendar to count down the days!!!

Huff huff... gotta catch my breath. And in other news:

I was tipped off to this via The Soup and Chelsey Lately. It's called Over The Limit and it's mostly cops dealing with people that are INSANELY drunk!!! Check these two clips out:

To be fair, that second cop WAS KEWT! Sadly, the entire show isn't just cops busting HI-LARIOUS drunks. It kinda just devolves into Cops. BOR-ING! But it's worth DVRing just for crap like this!

Dunka Du-Balls!

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