Monday, June 7, 2010

MANic Monday 06-07-10 Bloody Perfect Edition

First off, I may have to cease with these blogs, with my work schedule such as it is. Yes, I know, sad clown. I said may, so we'll see, but getting up at 4:30 every Monday morning and having junk to do on Monday nights, it's a bit of a tight squeeze. But we'll see.

So, True Blood Season 2 came out last week on DVD/BluRay. We've been a tad busy, so we're only to the... hmm, fourth episode, I think, but David fell asleep during it last night, so we'll have to rewatch it. Mr. Eye Candy, Jason Stackhouse, is busy being all Christian in his subplot, so in the meantime, since we aren't getting our regular dose of his flawless naked self, the producers have lovingly gifted us with Mehcad Brooks as Eggs, Tara's current flame.
How many THOUSANDS of crunches do you think he does a day? Like eleventy-five?! Sadly, methinks he doesn't last for long, seeing as how he isn't featured in the ad campaign for the third season which is starting up on HBO (which I don't get, so I won't be seeing for myself until like next year) soon. It may have already started. Not sure.
But, I will enjoy his presence as long as he sticks around... and hopefully by the time he gets killed off (if that is indeed what happens), Jason will be back to being butt nacked like every other scene.
Also, you may have recognized him from the Calvin Klein X ad campaign, which also showcased the previously very heavily featured Kellan Lutz. But Kellan wasn't the only lovely sight to behold!
These I think were taken in... y'know real life. I don't think you'll complain.
All dolled up!
Well, and with that I bring another MM to an end. Hopefully, see you again next week!

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