Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 06-01-10 Ten Things I Dislike About Glee

10. Fast and Loose Continuity:
How many episodes did it take them to explain that Quinn was staying at Puck's after her break-up with Finn? Like FIVE? Also, if Quinn is giving birth in the last episode of this season, why does she NEVER have a baby bump?!
The Cheerios! wear their uniforms to school everyday. So naturally, when Kurcedes joined them, they wore them too, but then Mercedes quit and stopped. But Kurt stopped too... except in last week's episode, Kurt's dad mentioned him still being on the squad. So, which is it? Also, it should have just been more clear whether Kurt quit alongside Mercedes to begin with.

Also, some things that are just plain mistakes... They're already pictured in the yearbook... when they just formed at the beginning of this school year! You either get your yearbook at the very end of the year or over the summer! Does someone have a time machine? If so, shouldn't that play a more prominent role on the show?

And how was Jesse "away on spring break" for two episodes? He goes to THEIR SCHOOL! They should have ALL been on Spring Break! Is high school vacation time now like grown up vacation time, where you just take it whenever you want? Busted, Glee! Bus. Ted.

9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Story Lines:
Kurt was on the football team all of ONE episode? Kurcedes were on the Cheerios! for like two? What's the point?
In Laryngitis, Rachel loses her voice, only to magically get it back by episode's end.

8. T-t-t-t-Tina's Lack of Solos:
Both Sue and Santana have sung lead more! That's just wrong!

7. Overly-Elaborate Musical Numbers:
For a school club that doesn't have a pot to piss in, they sure do throw together some fancy ass outfits. And how to they telepathically all just suddenly know the choreography? And in "Like A Prayer," in what must surely be a violation of Show Choir Competition rules, they supplemented their performance by adding a WHOLE OTHER CHOIR!

6. Having To Stay Up Until After Midnight Every Monday Night To Get The New Songs:
Why can't they just put them all out at the beginning of the season? It's not like they're spoilers... well, maybe they kinda are, but if you want to avoid spoilers, y'know... just don't listen to them until after you watch the show! Speaking of, the worst part about staying up so late for the songs is when they're...

5. Shit Songs!:
Just too much mediocrity! We're lucky to get one bang up song per episode, and a bunch of meh. I'm looking at you, nearly every song when Kristen Chenoweth guest-stars. (I suspect maybe she's picking her own songs and just likes bad music.) Also, ENOUGH with the mashups!!! Not to mention...

4. Mr. Schu and His Damn Hip Hop Numbers:
"Gold Digger" was cool! Then there was the entire Acafellas episode. Then there was "Bust A Move." Okay, enough! Then "Ice, Ice Baby." TOO MUCH!!! Also, Cathy mentioned, "I don't know anyone who doesn't like 'Ice, Ice Baby.'" To which I replied, "Oh, I don't!" And it's not even because of the reasons most people who don't like it would, like Vanilla Ice was just a tool or it desecrated "Under Pressure" or whatever. I just don't like it because I NEVER got away from it! Seriously, I hear it ALL! THE!! TIME!!! STILL!!!! I can't miss you if you don't go away!

3. Finchel:
Speaking of enough!

2. Rachel's Singing Face:
Cathy and I decided she looks either like she's taking a shit or giving birth... or thinking she's taking a shit, only to pop out a baby, like on MTV. The WORST was "I Dreamed A Dream" where she was supposed to look like she was in agony! That was all 37 flavors of ugly!

And the Number One Glee Dislike...

1. Bitch Face:
Get Lost, Jesse St. James! Your services are not needed here!

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