Monday, June 14, 2010

MANic Monday 06-14-10

God, so much to cover today! First, this weekend marked the release of TWO movies based on 80s properties... incidentally, the two 80s properties I could give a rat's ass about, Jaden Smith's new Karate Kid and the sexiest man, like, ever, Bradley Cooper's update of The A-Team.
It's fitting that his character's name is "Face" but don't discount the rest of the package, yo! I almost bought his action figure, even though it's really small and not well-made, but who doesn't want Bradley Cooper in their pocket at all times?

In other hot news...
Best mugshot ever.

Going through Glee withdrawals? Here's the unlikeliest Glee eyecandy, Artie a.k.a. Kevin McHale, snapped on vacay with T-t-t-t-Tina, his real life g.f.! Geez, do these kids date anyone but each other? It's getting as incestuous as The Brady Bunch around there!
Like I said, nowhere near as hunky as Puck or Mr. Schu or Finn, but... I'm not shutting my eyes. That's all I'm sayin'.

And someone's been uber-busy NOT-acting... I'm just going to declare it, the hottest male model ever, Mr. Perfect, Kellan Lutz:Da Man magazine? SERIOUSLY?! I mean, I hate to criticize, but let's hope that's the first and only time I ever have to make reference to that particular publication.

Take care!

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