Monday, June 21, 2010

LATE MANic Monday 06-21-10 As Long As You Keep Quiet Edition

Busy with work and such, so sorry! But anyway, time for a makeover! Showtime Synergy! Yes, yes, it's still a template, but some of us missed the boat on the whole html web design such and such. It's still pretty. I mean, I don't make my own clothing, I just wear 'em.

So anyway, since taking over the Entertainment Department, one of my responsibilities is cds. I'm slightly stunned by how many people STILL buy cds. Like... why? I think it's just programing, out of habit. With older people, I get that they're resistant to innovation. But, I mean, I can use an iPod in the dark! It's as user friendly as you can get! TVs are more complicated! Cell phones are more complicated! Yet, no, they still insist on buying overpriced glorified coasters that they'll listen to all the way through like once. Fools.

I've gotten off-track, but since I'm already here, the biggest pain is books. It's so time-consuming. It gets completely reset EVERY week and NO ONE ever buys any! Also, I think there ought to be more books about vampires.

Today, we specially streeted two cds a day early, Miley Cyrus and Eminem. Um... really?! Why? You're telling me that THOSE two cds are more anticipated and in demand than any other this year? Someone, somewhere is in for a disappointment. I just don't see anyone clamoring for either. And "Can't Be Tamed" sure as hell ain't no "Party In The U.S.A."

Okay, BACK on track, so... being in charge of cds, which also get reset once a week, but not as extensively as books, I have become aware of a phenomenon... male country singers are like... drop dead gorgeous. Not the Willie Nelson type! I'm talking clean-cut, all-American pretty boys. I have no clue whatsoever who ANY of these guys is, or what they sound like... I think it's safe to say mewling alley cats... but their album covers sure are pretty! This one came out a week or two ago:
His name is Lee Bryce. The above pic is the cd cover. I enjoy looking at it. A lot.
So, guess what's NOT the beefiest thing in this picture. The chili. Wah waaaaah!
Yum! (Once again, not the chili.)

However, my absolute favorite is Luke Bryan. Um, do they ALL have two first names?
They even gleam in sepia tone!
I don't even have anything snarky to say... Speechless!
Oh, did I mention the twinkly eyes and the sexy forearms? Yep, I said "sexy forearms!" Look at them!
I'm even willing to overlook the trucker cap and denim shirt... and that's saying something. 'Twould appear according to the various country cd covers, that the trucker cap is the new cowboy hat, in which case, definite improvement! Even though the rest of the world moved past them seven years ago. (I counted.)
Oh pretty, pretty country boys! Thanks for brightening my work day just a tad every time I walk past!

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