Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Wednesday (a.k.a. MANic Makeup Day) 06-30-10

I toldja I was getting busy. Too busy to post a MANic Monday this week, at any rate. Seeing as today is my day off and I didn't have anything in particular to blog about, I decided to tie Wonder Wednesday into MANic Monday.
Today's feature is model/personal trainer/Real World cast member/super hero fetishist pin up, Scott Herman. Apparently, this was a Halloween costume. It looks like there's a mask, but he doesn't seem willing to cover up his pretty boy face. I'm not complaining!
The guy on the left is dressed as him. Ha ha! Looks like he liked this costume... a lot! Here are some non-Halloween pics...
Halloween, my ass. Costume fetish! Once again, not complaining. Here are some additional modeling shots. Enjoy!
The end!

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