Thursday, June 3, 2010

THORsday 06-03-10

Thursday actually is named after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, so that's fitting. With the just-released images from Marvel's two upcoming movies (released, I'm guessing, because Iron Man 2 performed WELL under expectation) I actually will be discussing Thor (and Cap) but first, thanks to this image:
The Aquaman Shrine is blowin' up! Rob took the actual cover to Aquaman #45 (originally illustrated by the legendary illustrator Nick Cardy) and tweaked it to reflect the current oil spill DIZZASTER! You know who's happy? Exxon! Exxon is like the Tiger Woods to BP's Jesse James! It's like, "Whew! Way to take the heat off a brutha!" This image even made its way to the NY Daily News! And in case you missed it, Jon Stewart (the host of the Daily Show not the African American Green Lantern) did this wicked hilarious tirade on the subject and also brought Aquaman into the discussion!
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Laser-guided diamond saw robots?! Hilarious! Also, that's right bitches! A MAJAH ecological disaster and all of a sudden the orange shirt ain't so funny!

Okay, so back to the other famous blond male comic book superstar, Thor. FIRST... hang on, lemme check something... okay, I'm not FB friends with K.B. Soooooo... one Halloween, we went up to Athens, which is a huge to-do, and my friend's girlfriend dressed allegedly as a St. Pauli Girl:
Only, she was a... thick gal. Not obese or anything, just tall and... sturdy. She could have thrown me up in the air like 20 feet, easily. So, I quickly surmised that although this lass had attempted to dress as a St. Pauli Girl, in fact, she had actually dressed as... Thor, God of Thunder. Whoopsie! To this day, I don't think he realized we were joking about that out of earshot ALL. NIGHT. LONG!!!

So, anyway, Marvel has released two more pics of Chris Hemsworth as Thor from next year's movie version:
Overall, I approve! Except, where's the helmet?! Thor NEEDS a helmet! Remember Adventures in Babysitting?!
See, the little girl Maia was obsessed with Thor, then she mistook this dickhead mechanic for him and surmised that the reason he was such a shit sack was that he didn't have his magical helmet (just go with it), so she gave him hers and he was so touched that he let Chris (the babysitter played by Elisabeth Shue) her car back, even though they didn't have enough money to pay for the replacement tire from their blues singing excursion. It... makes more sense if you see the movie. Actually... no it doesn't.

In addition to the Thor images, which I THINK are real photographs, Marvel also unveiled these images of Captain America, which I think are computer generated:

So... overall, I think they look great! In Thor's case, I think his wristbands and boots are a touch too high-tech. I think there should be more ornate flourishes, maybe some gold accents to make him look a bit more ancient and mystical. The same could be said for Cap. He looks great! I wish they'd have added the stenciled wings to his helmet, like they did in The Ultimates:
...which pay homage to the mini wings he usually sports, but look... not quite as silly. Also, I wish they'd gone with a dark crimson for his gloves and boots, in homage to the comics, versus brown. Boo.

Like Thor though, I kinda think his suit is a tad anachronistically high-tech. The Cap movie is set during World war II, so I don't think his suit should be as modern as it seems. Even so, minor quibbles. I'm looking forward to how these turn out. It helps that I'm not all that invested in them. I LIKE The Avengers, but I'm not so attached that I think they HAVE to be done a certain way. Bring it!

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  1. I like Capt America's costume! It sort of reminds me of the style they used for The Rocketeer, which I never saw but I still liked the costumes. I'm not 100% behind the Thor costume, but I think the long hair and cape just remind me of nerds at a con. I could be swayed.