Thursday, June 24, 2010

Throwback Thursday 06-24-10 Ferosh Gay Pride Props Edition!

June is National Gay Pride Month... so of course Cincinnati's Gay Pride Weekend isn't until July. At least we have one. I'm pretty sure Mobile's Gay Pride festival is on Neverary Eleventy-Seventh. Anyway, in honor of Gay Pride, first of all, I'm gaying it up to some Kylie as I write this. Second, it's time to pay homage to some of the gay icons of my youth.
My earliest gay icons were these two pessimistic yellow bitches (is there some subtext there?), each paired with chipper, friendly partners... so that's why I'm always the "mean" one in the relationship.
C3PO minced and Mother Henned his "masters" proving firmly that gays are never the stars of anything, but they're the best supportive friends in the UNIVERSE!

Gays tended to be portrayed very poorly in older movies. I mean even C3PO got chopped to pieces and had to be schlepped around by Chewbacca... which frighteningly mirrors my entire 20s. Ahem. BUT, two sassy bitches rose up and threw off that negative image, by feroshing it up unapologetically! First was Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds:
You'll remember his dreadful rap at the talent show:

Revenge of the Nerds Song
"Clap your hands everybody! Everybody clap your hands!" Guess Eminem wasn't the first gay rapper after all. HEY-OOOOOO!!!
Also, who could ever forget his performance at the track and field tournament, where he utilized a special javelin that complimented his "limp-wristed throwing style"?

This picture really is worth a thousand words:However, the Queen Bee of terrible 80s gay movie stereotypes is, the TRUE STAR of the epic Mannequin saga, my hero (or heroine) Hollywoooooood!
FIERCE!Playing opposite two wooden dummies (wah waaaah!), Meshach Taylor CARRIED that movie as delicious, finger-snapping, sashaying Hollywood Montrose. "Hollywoooooood! Hollywoooood! Come and get me, Hollywoood!" "Look out Albert!" Snap! "Because Hollywood is on your case!"

"Bad Girl!" Then skip ahead to approx. 6:20. "Two things I love to do! That's fight and kiss men!" "Mine's bigger than yours is!"

I'm just including this clip for the awesomely terrible Starship song which kicks in at 2:50. Man, remember that Grace Slick was in Jefferson Airplane?!:

And how magnificent that Hollywooooood completely steals the wedding scene!
Meshach Taylor reprised the role of Hollywoooood in Mannequin Too: On The Move, once again, opposite two more dummies.
He then went on to play the ethnic Designing Woman.
Although the producers TRIED convincing us that he had a girlfriend on the show. Uh huh.
PROPS, Meshach Taylor! PROPS!

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