Monday, April 25, 2011

MANic Monday 04-25-11 Sick Day Edition

Ugh. I have been struck down by a mysterious malady. I thought it was the flu, but a. I got a flu shot this year and b. it's the weirdest assortment of symptoms I have ever had before. I'll spare you the icky details, but it's kinda the yuckiest kinda sick you can be. Physically, I feel better than I did yesterday, so that's good, I suppose. Anyhoo...

My complete apathy toward the ingrained-in-our-culture experience that is American Idol is well documented. DO. NOT. CARE. I just don't get it. It's like the pop culture Super Bowl, like EVERYONE in America gets all hyped up on it and it's the finale is always like the highest rated show of the year, and then everyone stops caring and six months later when the winners put out their albums, no one buys them. The End! But David and Dylan love the shit out of it. Dylan for the strangest reason. I noticed this before, that he'd fast forward through the songs and just watch the judges! WHA-?! (Then again, the singing kinda blows... but why watch it at all, then?)
There do tend to be some cute guys on it, though. That one year, there was the bromance between Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. At least Blake has put out a couple of songs that I actually liked.

But there's one former Idol that I think is downright HAWT, David Cook:
It may be the eyes. He has cute eyes. And round baby cheeks. And sexy lips. He does not have great hair, but I can live with that.
I just wish his music didn't suck so bad! I'd be all over that!

Musically, I think my favorite Idols are the women and then... I think I only like two, Kelly Clarkson ("Since U Been Goooooooooooone!") and Jordin Sparks. So I'll leave you on that note:

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