Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mattel ComiCon Exclusives Edition

So Mattel has unveiled their ComiCon exclusives for this year. The above clip showcases some of the bigger name items. I like the massive movie version of Kilowog from Green Lantern, but since I don't plan on buying any other GL movie figures and I already have the comic version of Kilowog... PASS!

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man seems really neat and CHECK OUT that amazing diorama! But I'm not that into Ghostbusters, so PASS!

Not a Voltron Fan, although I'm glad to see a Voltron figure that looks like the cartoon. The movie version is going to look all shitty and busted like the movie Transformers, where you can't tell who's who or who's good and who's evil, because they all just look like walking wreckage. Plus... the Voltron movie is set on EARTH! Um, have fun with that.

The big DC Universe Classics exclusive is Swamp Thing, a character who was off-limits to Mattel before, because Swamp Thing was technically a Vertigo character, belonging to their mature readers imprint. But they just re-introduced him into the DC Universe proper. It's a nicely made figure. The endo-skeleton joints are truly innovative. But I just plain don't want a Swamp Thing figure. If he were a mass-market figure, I'd pass, just like I have with Jonah Hex and The Metal Men. Just characters, I don't really care for and have no need to own, ESPECIALLY at inflated eBay prices.

They didn't mention this. It's a Back To The Future "secret" vehicle... um, is there more than one vehicle in BttF? Also, Mattel, maybe don't label your "secret vehicle" image "Delorean.jpg" Just sayin'.

The He-Fans (yeah, that's really what they're called) are pissed that Queen Marlena and Cringer weren't presented in the Attack of the Show clip. He-Fans are ALWAYS upset about SOMETHING. They're the needy, clingy girlfriend of nerdom. Mattel has continuously said they can't make toys based on the characters as they were depicted on the animated series, only in print materials that Mattel produced in the 80s. Yet... here these two are, looking like they stepped right off the TV screen. Except, I don't recall Marlena (He-Man and She-Ra's mom) ever slingin' a sword or doing anything action-oriented. I swear, all she ever did on the show was sit on that throne. Which, ironically, she can't even do as a toy, as her "dress" is molded rubber that fits over her alternate look, her astronaut suit:
Oh that's right! You forgot about that, didn't you?! Marlena was a human from Earth on the cartoon! She went into space, got sucked through a black hole and wound up on Eternia where she landed King Randor and became a queen! She's like the galactic Kate Middleton! Love the retro bubble helmet!

These are two characters that I think most fans never thought they'd see, the inactive Queen and cowardly Cringer. Fun choices for the fans, but I'm not breakin' my bank for them.

Last year, they did a Polly Pockets set with Polly and her pals dressed as Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl, which was super cute, but I just never really pursued it. Like it was cute, but obviously not cute enough that I bothered trying to acquire it. Once again, this goes back to the eBay thing. I'd buy it for whatever price they sold it for at the con, but I'm not paying more than that for it. This year, they are offering Polly, et. al. as She-Ra, Catra and fan-fave Frosta. Once again, supremely cute! But like $50 cute? Not so much.

I'd totes get this Frankenberry Hot Wheels car. I love cereal mascots!

This is the lamest exclusive they are offering, a Carol Ferris Barbie from Green Lantern. And I have ALL the DC heroine Barbies, but I don't want this one. LAME! Couldn't they do Barbie AS a Green Lantern? Or Barbie as one of the female Lanterns like Arisia or Boodika? Or better yet, Star Sapphire? Even a Ken as Hal Jordan Lantern would have been nice. This is just... off. Too drab and boring for any fan of Barbie's. Not "super" enough for comic book fans. I just don't know who this is aimed at.

The last DC Universe exclusive, is Superboy from the Young Justice cartoon series, in his Cadmus white suit, in his incubator tube. I'm on the fence about the YJ toy line. I feel like I already collect so much stuff, I don't know that I want to add a whole new line. And plain white suit Superboy just isn't that enticing. If it had been Aqualad, I'd have been all over that. Maybe even Robin, but Superboy is the most unlikeable member of the team, so far and he isn't even drawn as looking all sexy like he is in the comics, so... yeah, PASS!

And so, we come to my one MUST HAVE exclusive, Monster High's Ghoulia Yelps dressed in comic-inspired attire! I actually am ever-so-slightly surprised they didn't do another gray-scale doll like last year's Frankie Stein, which they poorly didn't promote at all, so most fans didn't even know that it was available until after they'd bought their limit of Mattel product! So the SDCC Frankie from last year was going for like $100 on eBay and FUCK THAT! Recently, the price has dropped significantly, because I think most Monster High fans felt the same way I did about it, "$100 for a doll I already have, just in black and white?! Foo' please!" But... dammit, Ghoulia is without a doubt my hands-down FAVE Monster High character and this is a NERDIER version? MUST!! HAVE!!!

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