Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tune In Tuesday - Green Lantern Wonder Con Footage

This is late... maybe if I didn't segment off my blog into theme days, but alas... but anyway, THAT four-minute montage as shown at Wonder Con has completely flipped the script. THAT! LOOKS!! EPIC!!!

...AS FUCK!!!!
The Thor and Cap trailers were a lot better than the first GL trailer. I was totally pumped for them... Thor slightly more than Cap, but they both looked great! With GL, I guess I was more cautiously optimistic. I was HOPING it would be decent enough, but not feeling it. It was... okay. But they have really turned things around!
I honestly think they tweaked the costume. (Shades of Wonder Woman!) The first costume... well... I mean, I see where they were going with it, but the muscle tissue striations just were NOT aesthetically appealing. I mean, no one wants to see somebody's insides! (Note to Slim Goodbody... anyone? Anyone?!) They seem to have cleaned it up a bit and the mask is definitely more detailed. A lot of people complained about the mask. I didn't absolutely hate it, but it really wasn't where it needed to be, so YES to that change. I guess I get why they wanted to make his suit completely CGI, because in the comics, his ring kind of whips up the suit for him, but even so... if done right, a fabric super suit can work just fine.
My favorite part? RyRey's butt profile when talking to Tomar Re. You know what? If people can objectify Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, I'ma do the same for the boys! I guess someone agreed as the GL promo banner featured RyRey in full sideways butt-accentuating glory! That is one GODDAMN FINE ASS for a white Canadian! Sweet Hey Zeus!!! He's like the white male Canadian Nicki Minaj for cryin' out loud!
Ahem, pardon me! But anyway, this "trailer" looks INCREDIBLE!!! My... and a lot of other people's... opinion(s) has completely changed regarding this movie! This could trump the Marvel movies, although I am HOPING all of them are GREAT! Super hero movies are kind of on the fence at the moment, so this summer's slate may make or break the concept. If all three of these does well, it could really determine whether any other heroes get their chance on the big screen!

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