Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wonder Wednesday - It's Fan Trailer Day!

Here is a fan-made opening title sequence for X-Men: First Class. I LOVE it! I love how 60s it is. I love the use of the animated X-Men theme song! Overall, this is so high quality, it really COULD be the opening title sequence and I'd love it!

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

I'm not sure how to respond to X-Men: First Class. It looks decent, but the X-Men franchise has certainly had its ups and downs... and those downs are FUCKING TERRIBLE. So I mean, this could be cool, but there's so little hype for it. No one really seems to be talking about it. Green Lantern, Thor and Cap have deafening buzz, but no one seems all that interested in X-Men. Maybe it's because it's a prequel to the series and doesn't have any of the "cool" characters in it. In fact, I don't know who a lot of the characters that ARE in it are! They could be made up, I don't know! (Not sure how Alex Summers/Havok is in it... they must have re-written him to be Cyclops' father or something.)

Also not sure how Mystique and Beast work, since they were previously established in the other X-Movies. Guess we'll wait and see.

Topless Robot ran an story on the comic book Life With Archie: The Married Life. I may have heard of this, but I didn't pay it any attention. It's a grown up version of Archie that apparently takes place in two parallel futures, one where Archie married Betty and another where he married Veronica. And apparently it's CW soap opera dramatic! The article discusses the most shocking revelations in the book: Moose is the mayor of Riverdale, Big Ethel got hot and is involved with some shady business man, Reggie works in fast food and has been framed for a crime he didn't commit... by the truly sinister Mr. Lodge, Jughead married Moose's ex Midge, Mr. Weatherby married Miss Grundy, who then died (!), and diminutive genius Dilton Doily grew an Amish hipster beard and may be able to travel between these two parallel realities. ARE YOU HOOKED YET?!?! Guess what I'm buying the shit out of on my next comic shop run!!!

It reminds me of this AMAZEBALLZ Archie fan trailer that was also on Topless Robot a while ago!

MAN! That was AWESOME!!!

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