Friday, April 8, 2011

My Favorite Songs Ever! Boy Pop-erific!

Oh, iPod Shuffle mode! I love when you throw out old gems that I was once obsessed with that I haven't heard in ages and had kinda forgotten about! Recently, it threw out two boy poppy delights... first cutie pie Jesse McCartney's "How Do You Sleep" featuring Ludacris (the SMASH MODE Radio Remix):

Yeah, the video's not much to look at. Here's the real video for the regular version of the song:

I'm not going to write a lot about these songs, as I don't have anything really deep to say. They're cute pop songs that I like dancing to. Jesse McCartney is soooooo cute! How was he not a bigger teen idol? He's way fucking cuter than Justin Beiber has any hope of ever being! Hell, he's actually cuter than Justin Timberlake! And all three Jonas Brothers put together! Eh, oh well.
And next we have "Love Struck" by V Factory. Who the hell are V Factory? Well... nobody, basically. This song came out in 2009 and I was obsessed with it and made it my ring tone and ring back! I would listen to it over and over. It may very well be my favorite boy band song of ALL TIME! I'm not even kidding! Sadly, it just never broke through. It was heavily promoted and was actually pushed heavily in the gay community, with the video being a regular fixture on Logo's Poplab and various club remixes made available. Sadly, it peaked at #70 on the pop chart, so it's relatively obscure even today. (I never changed my ring tone or ring back, but I know it's no longer my ring back, so I guess it got deleted.) Anyway, since then, two members have left the group. Allegedly, the remaining three are carrying on, but they've been working on their debut album for 3 years now, so... y'know, good luck with that. Even so, I LOVE "Love Struck!"

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