Saturday, April 2, 2011

X-Men Anime

Topless Robot summed it up, yesterday. I hate April Fools day. It's not even that I've ever gotten punk't on it, I just hate the idea. (Well... I was fooled when Wizard ran their fake article about Alex Ross doing a Wonder Twins special, until the article made less and less sense and I realized it was a prank.)
(Hell, he even did a painting for the cover!) But anyway, it's a pain to sit there surfing your favorite blogs only to see like 85% of the articles are bullshit. And like OBVIOUSLY bullshit, too!
But anyway, I haven't covered this before. I guess while I like the X-Men, they're not my favorite concept. For one thing, there are way too many of them. For such a "minority," there are more X-Men than there are members of the Legion of Super Heroes. And unlike the Legion, with their Lightning Lad and Phantom Girl and Colossal Boy, most of the X-Men have stupid "cool" names that tell you nothing about the character or what they can do, like Gambit and Bishop and Cable and Beak and The Stepford Cuckoos and, um, Jean Grey. But I like them well enough, even though some of the newer developments and characters in the comics are a mystery to me.

But watching the opening titles, I'm like "HOLY SHIT!!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!"

Not to get all DC Women Kicking Ass on it, but I can't help but notice that NEITHER Emma nor Jean/Phoenix nor Armor are given credits! That's THREE female members that the creators felt "Meh, not important enough" to warrant inclusion. (Although, apparently Jean is dead in this series... which makes her appearance in the credits strange.)

Here is another, previously released clip, which is also pretty action-packed:

The sad news is that this series is actually created for the Japanese market. It will air in the US... on G4 which no one gets anymore! So here's hoping for a US DVD release at some point. It looks really cool!
I loves me some Storm, so I am most excited about her appearance. Her costume is a nice homage to a lot of her former costumes. The hip cut-outs are a tad silly, but they recall her very first costume, so I'm okay with them. I prefer her with long flowing locks, though, not the Halle shag, but honestly, I'm okay either way.
I also like the inclusion of a newer character, Armor. I think her visual powers will translate very nicely onscreen. It already looks pretty awesome in the short clips here.The Cyclops design looks great... but what's up with that third awkward pose? Looks a tad fancy to me.

So, yeah, this looks great! Hope to see them in the US... eventually!

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