Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonder Wednesday

Hodgepodge Day! First I was browsing some sites that I normally buy shirts from, but I was actually looking for a bag. I think I'ma give messenger bags a go again. Tote bags are too hard to carry to and from work. I was hoping for a Wonder Woman one, but no avail. I may go with Captain America.

Anyhoo, came across this stupid tee shirt: First of all the design sucks. Why is The GIANT Flash running ON THE EARTH? Second, when did The Joker and The Riddler join the Justice League?! Answer: NEVER! Worst super hero shirt ever!
This one is kinda fun, in that it includes a lot of random characters, many of whom are women! There's Supergirl, Huntress, Vixen, Zatanna, Big Barda, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Powergirl, plus my sexy ginger Guy Gardner (oddly placed next to another ginger, Red Arrow). Also included are less-than-superstars, Black Lightning, Red Tornado and Captain Atom. I'd call it subversive, except I'm not sure if the person who designed it actually knows who they all are or if they just cropped random pics and threw them on this shirt. The artwork on this is provided by the talented Ed Benes, as is the following:
Once again, loving the love... the bottom row is all ladies, BC, WW and Vixen, plus you get Hawkgirl on top, next to Black Lightning and Red Tornado. Sigh... then in the middle you get Batman and Superman and, APPARENTLY, the new third of the DC Trinity, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)! I mean, good for him, but fuck what DC is doing to Wonder Woman, basically dethroning her and giving Hal her spot! All based on that movie! Kinda bullshit!

In other comic-related news, check out this AWESOME Funny Or Die trailer starring Rose McGowan as Betty Boop!


And finally, Forbes released a ranking of the richest pop culture characters:
Hilarious! I always wondered about that, but shouldn't Charles Xavier be on the list. The X-Men are constantly trashing those damn Blackbirds and he just keeps buying more! This would make a KILLER comic! Chuck Bass plus Scrooge McDuck plus Mr. Monopoly (I thought his name was Old Uncle Pennybags or something like that) plus Montgomery Burns plus Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark?! Also, I LOVE that Jed Clampett out-riched those last two! Ha ha!

Yeah, so that brings Hodgepodge Day to a close!

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