Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11-17-10 Wonder Wednesday - Gotta Be Green!

Is there any way I can spend today's blog discussing anything BUT the Green Lantern trailer? Nah, didn't think so.

Well now, I'll be honest with you. The trailer's not really enough to sway me too far one way or another. I mean, trailers are SUPPOSED to look great. How many times have you watched what you thought looked like a killer trailer only to see the movie and feel like a pile of cinematic dog feces just got smooshed all over your face? The GL trailer looks good, but I'm remaining cautious. Being the sucka I am, the whole thing kicks off with Ryan Reynolds in his tighty whities, so right off the bat, I'm like, "Okay, you have my attention." Many take issue with his Ryan Reynoldsiness... he's cocky and smart aleky and a lot of people don't consider Hal Jordan to be either of those things, to which I say, re-read some good GL stories, including Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier. Hal's a hot shot test pilot. He needs a certain swagger. Think of Maverick in Top Gun. Plus, there's a lot more riding on this film than just a Green Lantern franchise. The future of DC's movie prospects are counting on this movie crossing over Iron Man style. I could be wrong, as I don't have mainstream taste, but I think Iron Man's success largely rested on the likeability of RDJ in the role. (Then again, maybe people just like watching dudes clunk around in armor, blowin' shit up.) Green Lantern can't come across as some rigid tight-ass. People have to LIKE him and to some degree, want to be him.
The whole thing caps off with Hal transforming into GL. People are bitching about the suit, because it's CG and maybe looks "off." I'm all on board simply because it isn't foam rubber armor. See how easy it is to make me happy? And, the transformation reminds me of Fire-Star's on Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. I'm sure whoever came up with it, would love to hear that comparison. Now some people are like, "Well, I wasn't sure about him, but the scenes of him acting unsure and showing some hesitance convinced me." Well... that was my least favorite part of the whole thing. I don't consider Hal all that angsty and don't think we need to get all emo to make him more relatable. He's not Spider-Man or one of the emo X-Men, all misunderstood and outcast. Let's keep the "super" in "Super hero," shall we? Also...

Here's one no one else'll get. In the footnotes of The New Frontier, Darwyn Cooke mentions that in his depiction, Hal doesn't find his predecessor Abin Sur in a crashed spaceship, as has always been depicted in GL's origin. His explanation, "Why would a Green Lantern be in a space ship? They never use spaceships. They can fly across the universe with their rings." It was like a light being turned on. "Ohhhhh. That's true. That DOESN'T make sense!" In the actual book (and the animated adaptation) it's so subtle, you really wouldn't catch it without the note. I wish maybe it had been more overt, because now, seeing the movie trailer and the fact that they stuck with the crashed spaceship, I'm like, "Man, I wish they hadn't done that!"

Anyway, I do have a couple of non-GL topics. First, there's a gay nerd site called They cover comics, movies and TV shows, as they said on In Living Color, "From a male point of view." Following up my assessment of The Walking Dead yesterday, I was delighted to find that I wasn't the only one with that opinion. This is their take:
"Is it a bad sign that with only three episodes of The Walking Dead left to go, I’ve kind of lost interest? I’ve been trying to articulate why I don’t care anymore, and here’s what I’ve come up with. I like Rick. And only Rick. I know it’s probably unrealistic to have a show about one guy against the zombies. It’s a little too Will Smith. But it was so much more fascinating seeing him struggle with the new world and interact with one or two humans here and there. I was hoping for a rich character study, but instead I got a standard assortment of stereotypes. Plus, it’s the end of the world as we know it, so why not have a threesome? Lori has the perfect opportunity to invite hunky Shane to join her and Rick in their love tent. I know Shane’s pissed off that Rick’s back from the dead, but I bet he’d be willing to give him a reach-around, just to keep things friendly. I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know, maybe that happens in season two?"

This was their take on last week's Glee: (Yeah, I know Glee isn't really genre... but it's really gay, so...)
"Oh Glee, if only you would just hurry up and either blossom into the amazing show I know you could be, or permanently succumb to all your worst tendencies and settle for being popular, but awful. At least if you chose the latter, I could finally give up on you in good conscience. As it is, the only thing you’re consistent at is being the most frustrating viewing experience currently on television."

Spot-on, in both cases, if you ask me! As for Glee, last night's episode was so FUCKING bad, it makes me not ever want to watch it again! I was tempted to just turn it off halfway through! It was chew your leg off bad! There was not one good element in the whole thing! The return of Terri, everyone's least favorite character? I did notice that Jessalyn Gilsig's name continued appearing among the series regulars this season, even though I think this was her first appearance. I guess this was their goodbye to her, so I guess that's nicer than just having her disappear inexplicably and never return. Except... I mean, that's kinda what they'd already done and no one really cared.

I had just said to Cathy that they needed to do a Mercedes-centered episode... THIS ISN'T WHAT I MEANT!!! Holy shit!!! This was the WORST SUBPLOT EVER... not just ever in Glee history, but in the history of storytelling!!! Anyway, I guess Mercedes has had her spotlight, so get in the back of the crowd and pop up to wail on the end of songs and sing lead every fourth episode again. Fuck that!

Also, last week, I though, "Well maybe they can still redeem Karofsky. He's just acting out out of fear and frustration and self-loathing." Then this week happened and... uh, nevermind. No redeeming that guy.

And Kurt and Blaine's budding relationship swerved right into annoying territory. These two have ZERO chemistry. (A recurring problem on this show, ahem Quinn & Sam!) And they act more like girlfriends. I'm ready for this storyline to be over. ALREADY! (This just reminded me of poor Mercedes' subplot and made me sad!)

Let me veer back into the Nerdiverse to wrap things up. In case you missed it, some OFFICIAL pics have been released from the DIZZAZZTER that will be the Spider-Man Broadway musical Turn Off The Dark... and you thought those douchy U2 songs were bad enough! Check this shit out! Why don't they give up?! The forces of the universe have done everything in their power to tell them to FUCKING NOT MAKE THIS!!! No money, every star attached has quit, two stuntment have been injured, cursed them with douchy U2 songs... is someone going to have to get decapitated to get the message through?! The universe does not want your SHITTY Spider-Man musical!!! STOP MAKING IT!!!

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