Monday, November 22, 2010

MANic Monday 11-22-10 Cover Boys

Well, it has been a damn fucking fabulous week for dazzling magazine covers featuring pure DELISH! First Matthew Morrison's incrediBOD cover (and additional pic) for Details...Then a trifecta of sizzle featuring one Jake Gyllenhaal on EW (oh and Anne Hathaway was there too)...
This is the one I got and it's my favorite... so cute!This is my second fave. SULTRY!
Least favorite of the three, but like... I mean... it's like bad sex... at least you had sex, right?! I will take shirtless Jake making whatever face he wants... as long as he isn't wearing those unfortunate biker shorts he was so fond of when he was BFFing Lance Armstrong. God, biker shorts even make Jake Gyllenhaal unattractive!
Aw. That's cute, now look back at ME!

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