Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wonder Wednesday EXTRA 11-17-10 Record Scratch, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!

Jigga whaaaaaaaaaa....?! Batgirl is BACK!!!


  1. What? It took me 20 years to get used to her in the chair. They have like 48 Batgirls now and a "Batgirl the early years" comic with Babs. Why put her back in now? I hated when they shot her. It seemed to me like they only did it to get rid of her (or so they thought at the time) so she would stop popping up to remind everybody that "grim sourpuss Batman the Dark Knight" used to be campy and fun. And normal. Ok do me a favor and explain how Batman came back because I'm still lost. And explain the current lineup to me. It's like Batman (Bruce), Batman (Nightwing), Red Robin (Tim), Robin (Damien), Red Hood (former Robin Jason Todd), Oracle (original Batgirl Babs), Batgirl (Cassandra, who is now someone else?), new Batgirl (???), Batwoman (Katy). With Huntress, Black Canary and Catwoman still hanging around? Yes? I can't keep up with all the Bat people anymore and the 25 Robins. It's starting to look like Captain Marvel (Shazam) and the Marvel family. Or maybe the Osmonds. Batman, Robin, Donny and Marie. Also I thought everyone actually enjoyed Dick Grayson/Nightwing as Batman more than Bruce as Batman. Ugh, just typing this was too much for me. My head is swimming :)

  2. I don't know exactly how Bruce got back, but it involved him traveling through time and in various eras, adopting the Batman guise, so at one point he was Cave Batman and then Pirate Batman and Witch Hunter Batman... it was like the 90s toy collection, in comic book form. Now he's formed Batman Inc. So it's him and Dick both operating as Bat... men. This group is like the old 50s Batmen of the World and will include new heroes inspired by Batman as well as the old characters like The Knight and Man of Bats, many of whom were recently updated by Grant Morrison.

    Batgirl is currently Stephanie Brown, Robin's ex-girlfriend who used to be Spoiler, then Robin, then dead, now Batgirl. Cassie Cain is being rehabilitated into... something, they haven't gotten to it yet. Kate Kane is delightfully occupying her own pocket in the Batverse and is free of any of this. After years and years of fans clamoring for Babs to return as Batgirl, it seems to come at a terrible time as we now have Batwoman and both younger Batgirls have developed devoted fan followings. Even so, I don't care about either of them and Babs will always be the REAL Batgirl to me and most other longtime fans. They STILL draw her in lineups of current female heroines! That says something!

  3. Thanks! That clears up some things. Agreed, Barbara Gordon is the one and ONLY Batgirl. And yeah the fans have wanted her back since the day they shot her. But you're right, the timing isn't good with all the other Bat women running around. As well as the Huntress---the original pre-crisis Helena Wayne (daughter of Catwoman and Batman) that post-crisis became the mafia daughter and was supposed to basically be the new Batgirl but not called that, just the Huntress so she had a persona away from being a female Batman. And we all see how well that worked out. Wah wah waaaah. I tried to get into her for a while but I never felt a connection to her like the original Helena Wayne and certainly not Barabara Gordon. DC went through that period of ---kill Supergirl, so we could have Powergirl (who basically was Supergirl but not), kill Batgirl (well cripple her) so we could have Huntress, and then got rid of Mary Marvel, Mera, Donna Troy, Zatanna and just about every female hero or sidekick. And for some reason they started calling Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman. Who they now call Hawkgirl again. The only female they seem to focus on was Catwoman for a while. For the horny straight guys T and A shots I'm sure. And Wonder Woman was around but after George Perez left she floundered for a while. Oh DC what were you smoking in the 90's? Back to Batgirl. Hmmm, interesting that they want her back now. But this feels like the exact opposite of why they shot her in the first place, because at the time she was considered the lesser female version of Batman--that she was riding his cape tail, and couldn't sell a comic on her own. Now, clearly she is loved and has sold many a comicbook, inspired two Batgirls and the return of Batwoman (who was never liked in the past). But this seems like she is being brought back to make Batman himself more interesting. Which to me is the wrong reason. I'd rather have her back because she's the friggin Batgirl! Not some new plot point to breathe life into tired old Batman/Bruce. Who now I guess needs an army of bat people to seem interesting. I guess batdog, Batman Jones and Bat-myte will be joining the rest soon, to spice up Bruce. Blech! Oh well, that's my rant. But keep us posted on how this all turns out :)