Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 11-16-10 FALL TV Season Indeed

Undercovers has been cancelled because America doesn't care about black people. As with Lonestar, I liked this show. I think they were both well done all around. Undercovers, I thought, tread in that Chuck area, so I'd have thought fans of that show would have enjoyed this one, if they hadn't been such racist scumbags. Am I just kidding? Hmmmm?

Once I know a show has been cancelled, I just stop watching it. I did the same with Pushing Daisies. I've still never seen the last three episodes and I L-O-V-E-D that show! If you think I love Glee, Glee ain't shit next to Pushing Daisies! That show was flawless! And still I stopped... maybe I just don't want to face the conclusion. Like if I don't watch the ending, it's still going on. Who knows?

So yeah, once I read Undercovers was cancelled, even though there are several more episodes set to air, I just stopped DVRing it. This has been a dismal new season. I realized like four weeks ago that Hawaii Five-O, despite it's splashy production values was actually terrible, so I tuned out on that. I think that makes for ZERO new shows I'm still following. Well, except...

Okay, so... I conferred with Cathy and... wait for it... we both kinda don't like it. The first one was moody... which, let's cut the bullshit, kinda equals boring. The second was good. The third was just S-T-U-P-I-D! WHY would they even CONSIDER going back into the city to save that racist piece of shit?! That makes ZERO sense! Fuck that guy! P!L!U!S! HE'S NOT EVEN A REAL CHARACTER! There are like a half-dozen made-for-TV characters hogging up screen time, the two dipshit racists, the wife-beater (in the book, Carol is single), the new token ethnic characters meant to fill space until the AMAZING ethnic characters from the comics show up (and let's hope they DO show up!)... and then the preview for the next episode... I was like, "Oh. So... I guess this show is just inspired by the book."
Hold on, hold on! I'm not off board just yet! But seriously, they need to wrap up this bullshit Rescue-The-Scum-Sucking-Racist subplot and get on with the gettin' on! Previously, we were speculating that this season(ette... six episodes really isn't a REAL season) was going to end with "the prison" (no spoilers!) but at this rate, we'll be lucky if they manage to make it to the "gated community." Hell, at this rate, they may wind up in Paris! HILTON!!!
Cathy took issue with the twins being missing, but I can live without them, Sure their story has a HUGE pay off, up until that point, they're just dead weight and... I dunno, I don't care about kids on shows like this. Now Carl, Carl I like! He's appropriately creepy... not in a bad way, but Carl is odd. I speculate in the books, he'll wind up the last survivor. You've got to have a kid where you can tell there's a lot going on behind those eyes and this kid has that. I did like the frog hunting scene where Shane is acting like a regular "guy" and for the most part, Carl isn't responding, because he's not a regular "guy." He's different. Like!
I dunno... maybe if the original characters weren't carictures. OF COURSE there are the racist rednecks. OF COURSE there's a wfie beater, with a wife who loves him. Couldn't they come up with something fresher?! The book is SO innovative. Why did they saddle the show with stereotypical archetypes?
Also, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) does the shittiest, fakest Southern accent ever.
Maybe if they hadn't made such a fuss over how faithful the TV show would be to the books, I wouldn't be as bothered by the changes. I mean from the start, I knew there would be changes, but these don't seem to be changes as much as an all-new story line that has nothing to do with the source. But, I mean... I'm totally still going to watch it!

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