Thursday, November 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday 11-11-10 The Darkness

OMG! Remember The Darkness?! I freakin' loved them, but kinda forgot about them. It's funny... yesterday when I wrote my blog about Shazam, the pages I was going to to get info and pics kept also pulling up the band Foxy Shazam, who I guess are kinda like The Darkness. So anyway, I click click clicked and started reminiscing about one of the sweetest, most off-the-wall, most under rated bands of the last ten years! I mean... they were a living Spinal Tap! Just so ironic and silly and deliciously over-the-top (Hello, low-cut catsuits!)! Well, dig in!

MAN! What was your favorite part? Scrawny fug lead singer Justin Hawkins hopping out of the bath to get toweled off by a giant Muppet? Him hurling the giant boulder at the enormous space crab? The inexplicable Devil Woman? Me? I like the Velveetastic thumbs up at the end. But wait! Did you think the saga was over? Hell no! Check out their follow up video, "Friday Night" which picks up where "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" ends!

Okay, so your favorite part of that one HAD to have been "With yoooooooouuuuu.... oooooooooh.... ooooooooh.... ooh hoo hoo.... Reow!"

Next up is "Growing On Me," which is the beautiful story of how a Pterodactyl fucks a spaceship, which then lays four eggs from which hatch... The Darkness! Oh and this song is about GENITAL WARTS!!!

That pink catsuit he's wearing at the end RULEZ! I'd kill for a less-revealing outfit made of the same material! (Unless you think I could pull off... no! Nope! Nevermind!)

And finally, alas, my favorite song from their album wasn't released as a single, so all we have is this live version. Still... pretty ass-kicking!


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