Thursday, November 18, 2010

Throwback Thursday 11-18-10 Age of Spider-Woman

So I was browsing for some Christmas presents or at least ideas for presents, and I wound up purchasing two things off eBay.
Spider-Woman Mad Libs! (For me.) And...
This cute Spider-Woman iron-on patch! (For me.) Okay, FAIL!
I think Spider-Woman is my favorite underdog in comics. Aquaman may be seen by many as an underdog (well, underdogfish!) but I think he has a huge number of fans. Spider-Woman, not so much and it's no small wonder. She's really never been handled well. I hate her current comic. She always had so much potential! She was the most licensed female Marvel hero during the late 70s-early 80s, but her book was so... I don't want to say the book was bad per se, but it was kind of inaccessible. She lived in San Francisco, whereas the bulk of the rest of the Marvel heroes lived in NYC and her stories had an atmospheric, supernatural vibe. I think she'd have been more successful if they'd just let her be a normal super heroine! I mean, look how cool and happy she looks in the pic above! Her books never had that feeling.
I was strong and held off on buying these rawk sunglasses. But... I mean, I'll probably buy them tomorrow. I tried looking up vintage Spider-Woman collectibles (which I know are plentiful), but was foiled by the fact that a company called Sideshow Collectibles has produced some recent Spider-Woman merch, so that's what came up in my Google. I know of a couple of blogs devoted to Spider-Man and Marvel vintage merchandising, but they don't use tabs, so I'd have to scroll through the entire thing to find any Spider-Woman items they featured. But anyway, here is a sampling of some items I found.
Another iron-on patch!
Trix Cereal premium sticker!
Button! (En Espanol!)
Rub-A-Tattoo (whatever that is)! (With Gum!)Activity Book! (I LOVE these! And coloring books! This one has Rebuses!)Underoos!
Thermal Underoos! (Did not knows those existed!)
Halloween costume! (Too bad she and Dazzler didn't warrant an appearance on the box! Oh yeah. There was a DAZZLER!)

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