Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tune iN Tuesday 11-30-10 Although I'm Surprised I Remembered That... ROBYN!

This has been a long ass day, capping a long ass four days that have royally kicked my ass. (Which is not long... or is it? Don't tell me.) This is a week late, but Robyn released her full-length album Body Talk last week, combining the best of her three prior EPs onto one disc. I bought it, even though I already had the EPs, so I'm kinda a SUCKA, but... I mean, I don't care. I love it anyway. Money well re-spent!

I just love that her music is electro and poppy and kinda dance-y, but still SUPER smart and poignant and well-written! GUSH!!! LUV!!!

Don't F*****g Tell Me What To Do

(Seriously, I COULD have written this song!)


Hang With Me


Dancing On My Own

There are more AMAZING songs on this album, but they don't have videos... yet! But check them out... then BUY the album, bitchez!
Time Machine (Come ON!!! "All I want is a Delorean?! Brill!!!)

Stars 4-Ever

In My Eyes

Love Kills

And there are YET more amazing songs to be heard, but this is just a sampling. ROCK THIS!!!

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