Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 12-01-10 Mohawk Storm

From the moment I saw her, guest-starring on an episode of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Storm has been one of my all-time favorite super heroes!
She and Wolverine were introduced as the two newest members of the X-Men, essentially replacing Ice Man and Fire-Star, former X-Men who had gone off to college and adventures with Spidey on the show.
I pretty much gotta admit, I loved her because she was pretty! I mean, sure she was a drawing, but she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen!
Striking and exotic, she was black, but had crisp blue eyes, capped with brows that arched upward and long, flowing white hair that whipped around all sexy-like when she summoned wind storms with her mutant weather control powers. And hello, hooker boots!The X-Men comic at the time was too advanced for me. I was still on the Super Friends and getting into Justice League and other mainstream titles. I wasn't ready for X-Men until a few years later and then...Storm got the worst makeover, possibly in comic book history. Gone was her mane of long flowing tresses. Gone were the hooker boots and bikini and cape and that unique headdress. She's traded that in for a mohawk and black leather "punk rock" gear. TRAGEDY!!!
The move was part of an extended storyline in the book. The X-Men had spent almost a year adventuring in outer space and upon returning home, Storm found herself feeling disconnected from the Earth, problematic in possessing elemental powers. Then, she had to conquer her claustrophobia by journeying into the sewer network below New York to rescue The Angel who'd been kidnapped, and "unfortunately" stripped naked and strung up.Ahem. Too bad it looks like he's wearing a diaper. Anyway, in order to free him, Storm battled Callisto, the leader of a pack of ugly mutants who lived below the streets. No, seriously, they were ugly, unlike the X-Men who, if they wanted, could blend into polite society. Even Nightcrawler, via a holographic image inducer. The duel was a no-powers, knife fight and to win, Storm stabbed Callisto and in doing so, became the new leader of the Morlocks!
So, a few issues later, bye bye beauty. I suppose, honestly, she was still beautiful, but I was not feeling this darker, edgier new image. They didn't seem to get it, though. She kept this look for YEARS! It wasn't until Jim Lee's revamp of the book in the 90s that she returned to her former glory.But I guess everything comes back around. It's the 25th Anniversary of Secret Wars and this was how Storm appeared in that series, so among the other SW merch released this year was a mohawk Storm Minimate:
They also released a Minimate of Captain Marvel, although they refuse to call her Captain Marvel, even though that was her name!
And with no real explanation, she returned to the mohawk in the current X-Men series! And feather earrings! Huh?! Oh well, for whatever reason, I don't mind so much anymore. Sure, I prefer the long flowing tresses, but she's rocked that look for like 20 years now and every girl has the right to mix up her look now and again. Plus, I guess I also have a greater appreciation for edgier looks now, right Rihanna? And she's still Storm. She still has the elegance and grace she's always had. Just with a funkier hairdo now.

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