Thursday, December 30, 2010

Throw-Ahead Thursday

I spent all of last week looking backward, so today, I'm going to look ahead to some things I am looking forward to in the coming year. In no particular order...
Potential new growth in digital comics
I think eventually books will be the new CDs, i.e. I will look at them as clutter and junk and wonder why I have them lying around taking up valuable space that could be occupied by delightful fashion dolls and action figures. Just last week, I could not have cared less about digital comics, but... then I got an iPad. There are Marvel and DC aps, but you still have to buy the individual comics and they're all old and I think they're just random issues. There may not even be complete stories! I mean, I will still gladly pay full price for them, but to be able to d.l. them, read them and NOT have them junking up my house?! Perfect! But the publishers need to get on the ball and crank up their offerings, because I already have the collected Ultimate Spider-Man. I don't need to buy them issue by issue for $2 a pop!

DC Universe Online
Why READ a comic when you can LIVE one?! I was playing City of Heroes, which I enjoyed although it got repetitious. Then I saw the kick ballz trailer for DC Universe Online:

OH DAY-UM!!! That looks INCREDIBLE!!! In the game, you create your own character, hero or villain, and team up with and battle the characters of the DCU. You can go completely original or base your character on one of the existing heroes/villains. It was supposed to be out now, but got pushed back. At any rate, when it comes out... I may take a week off work. Just sayin'.

Thor and Captain America on the Big Screen... Shirtless
Green Lantern on the Big Screen... PERIOD!
This better not suck!

DC Universe Classics Wave 18 (Rumored)

Wave 18 of my favorite toy line is rumored to be a Super Friends themed assortment, including Black Vulcan, El Dorado, the jester-style Toyman from the Legion of Doom and Bizarro with a collect + connect Apache Chief!
That completes the Legion of Doom for this series and almost completes the Super Friends, with a few minor exceptions... and one MAJOR exception, Samurai. This is especially puzzling since Samurai was in the 80s Super Powers toy line and this past year, they highlighted the SP line by integrating almost all of the characters that were part of that series into DCUC. Rumor has it, Samurai will be included in a 5-pack along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. Like I needed more versions of THEM! Oh well, I'm a lock on getting ALL of them! (Wave 19 featuring all Justice Society members is also pretty much a sure bet for me!)

With all the excitement over DC video games, movies and toys, what about the comics? Welllllll....
The Continuing Adventures of Aquaman and Family
With Mera's rise in prominence in last year's Blackest Night and this year's Brightest Day and the addition of a brand new Aqualad, both in the comics and in the new Young Justice cartoon series, things are positively BOOMING for DC's King of the Seas! Diggin' it big time!

But... as for the rest of DC Comics... Sigh...
I'm looking forward to them getting their shit together. Get Superman back in the skies. Get Wonder Woman out of that stupid costume...
Get BOTH of them, along with Bruce Wayne, Green Lantern and The Flash back in the Justice League (at the very least!)... just... GET IT TOGETHER, DC! It appears they are shifting their focus to other media, but don't forget the foundation this house was built on... the comics! Time to get back on track!

Let's see what 2011 has in store!


  1. Actually, DC is getting better about updating their digital offerings. Currently JL Generation Lost is the only one that is released the same day the print copy is. other than WoW: Curse of the Worgen. I'm ready to do the switch to digital as soon as DC catches up. I'm honestly getting tired of storing back issues LOL.

    The DCUC wave looks promising, but I'm also getting tired of storing those. I'm thinking ebay is the answer for me in 2011 for dumping all of my plastic pieces. I got to thinking the other day that should my house catch fire, all that would be left was a melted slag of Mattel-grade plastic. I'd rather have a nest-egg.

  2. I'll have to send you the version with commentary. They point out a lot that isn't immediately clear... Like all the bodies on the battle field! And that Harley Quinn is wearing Robin's cape with a huge hole in it apparently from where they shot him. And at the end when Future Lex creates that ripple on the Earth, it creates a wave of people developing super powers... Thus the game!

  3. Gen Lost is the book I buy out of loyalty to the characters, but I don't really like it. I quit bagging and boarding over a decade ago. I just pile em up and eventually sell them to Half Priced Books. If I really like a storyline, I will buy the trade.

    As for the toys... I like those betterr than the actual comics these days! Love my DCUCs!