Thursday, December 2, 2010

Throwback Thursday - Janet.

Tee sent me this link. A Janet Jackson Barbie doll?! Exquisite! Real eyelashes! And it really looks like her! Except... well, it looks like her NOW. Don't get me wrong, she still looks phenomenal and the short hair is super chic, but... I mean, doesn't she have a billion more iconic looks that they could have based this doll on? Yes. Yes, she does.

Exhibit A:

Couple thoughts:
1. I don't care what anyone says, Chunky Janet is ADORABLE!
2. I wish this weren't so house-y.
3. The male love interest in Es-Ca-Pade? Now a woman.
4. Did anyone else spend HOURS trying to learn the Rhythm Nation dance only to completely FAIL?!
5. "If" is the THE. BEST. VIDEO. EVZ.

But wait! There's more! Exhibit B:

1. How old was Gurlfriend when she did "All For You?" Because look at those biceps and abs?! She's in better shape in that video than The Situation NOW!
2. The "So Excited" video just reminded me that I need a urinal installed in this house. I mean, how convenient is the urinal?! It uses way less water than a toilet! I'm just being green!

Wait a sec?! No "That's The Way Love Goes?!" Awwww HELL naw!

Man... I love a megamix!

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