Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionista Friday - In Case Anyone Wants To Buy Me A Present...

*Sigh!* The worst part about Christmas shopping is NOT buying so much stuff for myself. I mean, I still do... it's like dieting. You can't just DEPRIVE yourself! You'll just fail and get fat! I can't have that. Most of my underwear are XS! What do you want, for me to have to buy an all new underwear wardrobe?! SEE my logic?! But anyway, I have found a couple of very hard to resist websites that I will now share some selections from:

I didn't realize I had a "thing" about food, but apparently I do, as food stuff is the cutest stuff.
1. One of my top NEEDS is this:
A PB&J pouch! It appears too big for me to carry around as a wallet, but how much fun is that?! It totally looks like a REAL PB&J! I could keep all my lip balms and pain relievers in it! (Yeah, that's about all I have to carry around.) Speaking of sandwiches...

2. Metal Sandwich Lunchbox:
I love a good tin lunchbox... and this one is shaped like a giant sandwich! How ironic and clever! I kinda wish I could have had this as a kid or a disaffected teenager.

3. Speaking of Sandwiches:
A sandwich shaped cake pan! Who DOESN'T want a giant PB&J cake! Get the ice cold milk ready! (Maybe I don't so much have a thing for "food" as I do "sandwiches.") Speaking of baking...

4.Ninja cookie cutters... although I actually plan to use them to make super hero and villain cookies! Aren't you dying for a Black Manta cookie? (As I will be making one, fer sher!)

5. And finally on a non-sandwich, non-baking note...
Unicorn Corn holders! So much more magical than corn-shaped corn holders!

Next, I found this great site with these quirky hip looking tees called Not only are their shirts really neat, they're dirt cheap! It makes me wish I wore tee shirts out in public and not just to sleep in.
In Case of Zombies
YEAH! (This one is SUPER KEWT! I NEED IT!!!)
Everyone knows how much I love the Wizard of Oz! This is so clever!
This is tiny stick people in peril... it's hard to make out in this image, but on the site you can view it close up.
Ha ha! I THINK this is mocking sports. If so, sign me up!
"Libraries Are The Number One Place Where SHH happens." Ahhhh nerd humor.
Fuck you, shirt!
I'm not sure I get the whole mustache thing, but I like this design.
This one too, although this is clearly a summer shirt.
Yeah, back to the cute food stuff... HA HA!
Laser Cat!
Not funny, just neat-looking!
Paisley Ghosts!
A Beheading Marie Antoinette hoodie... it's clever and cute, but I think I'm drawing the line at the gimmicky hoodie. Here are two designs I couldn't resist and went ahead and bought for myself:
Know Your Nerds, once again, you can see a larger version on the site.
And "Movies: Ruining The Book Since 1920." Well said, shirt!

And finally, these are from a site called Mighty Fine. I'm including some girl shirts, just to show them off.This is actually the most clever Spider-Man shirt I've ever seen.This one is also pretty cute. Ahh Facebook humor! Speaking of...
These are shirts you KNOW you can't wear for years, but for now, they're topical.
I'm just showing this one because it features a pretty obscure character, Marvel's Medusa. But not as obscure as Squirrel Girl!
That's right... comedic Marvel hero Squirrel Girl has not just one, but TWO shirts on this site!
Narrow market.

Also, do you LOVE Marvel Comics AND LSD?! Because this site has just what you need!
Man! ANY one of those images could have been put on a black light poster in the 70s! Those are way too scary for me!
If I were still single, this would totally be my "Going Out Shirt."
Also cute!
I'm just showing this, because I think it's the first time I've ever seen a Hello Kitty shirt for men! But it's based on a property I'm not at all familiar with so... meh!
I'll just stick to squeezing myself into a junior sized shirt with Kitty rocking an afro!
I love that this shirt is a Twilight reference, yet she's wearing that adorbz bat costume which is the anti-Twilight vampire look!
I feel like buying all of my straight guy friends this shirt!

Well, hopefully this helped with your Christmas shopping for the nerds in your life!

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