Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonder Wednesday -Thor Trailer and Marvel Goes Tron

So the second official Thor trailer has been released:

And it looks faboosh! But even with all the special effects and fighting and ornate sets and costumes, my one "OH SHIT!!! I GOTSTA SEE THAT!!!" moment was this:
HO-LEEE HELL!!! I could make all kindsa hammer jokes right now, but they wouldn't be jokes! I literally gasped OUT LOUD! Talk about a Thunder GOD!!!

Also, side note, the guy who plays Agent Caulson in all the Marvel movies, Clark Gregg:
Kind of a cutie! Scratch that, IS a cutie! He's like mature and manly but still kinda boyishly cute... I could make all kindsa hammer jokes, but...

I keep forgetting that Disney bought Marvel a while ago. But in one of the first real synergistic endeavors between the two, they're doing a Marvel/Tron crossover in the comics to promote the new Tron movie.

Okay, first up, I don't think I've ever actually seen the original Tron, but I always had the impression that it was BAD. Am I wrong? I do remember seeing The Black Hole and that was two hours of my childhood I'll never get back and that was some valuable chrono-real estate to just piss away like that. I thought Tron was like that, expensive, flashy effects squandered on a terrible movie. I figured that's why they never made another one, nor did anyone else make a similar knock off. Am I wrong?

Anyway, here are some cover images from the Marvel crossover. I swiped these from Artastic Avenjer's blog, so I figured I ought to provide a link, but be warned it's NSFW and gay oriented. I love it, but just thought I should warn any straight males who read this... like Moh! Shout out! Anyway...
Quicksilver? You are soooo lucky you made it into this series, D-Lister!
I love this!
This is different from the regular Iron Man armor how...?
I LOVE this!!! I think they should make it her permanent costume! I mean her real costume is a CLASSIC and I will always love it, but practically speaking, it is very revealing. This maintains the flavor of her classic uniform, but covers her up and gives her a modern, sleek makeover! I uh... don't get the ventilated crotch, though.

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  1. Agree, with what you said about Iron Man. His Tron-fit looks like a level below the ID look his original has.

    LOL @ Ms. Marvel, I also like the strategically placed circles around her waist. I couldn't figure why they changed the color down there. I thought it was because of her belt, but it could be because it's the Danger Zone

    Love the blog and glad I stopped by.