Monday, December 6, 2010

MANic Monday - Silver Fox Edition

This blog tends to skew kinda young on MANic Mondays, so I thought for a change, I'd showcase some seasoned prime beef. Is there anyone dreamier than Anderson Cooper? When his book came out, I almost stole his life-size cardboard cutout from the book store in the airport, except, I figured it wouldn't fit in the overhead and I didn't want to buy him his own ticket. And, I probably would have been caught. But anyway, enjoy!
Uh... YUM!
Also in the spotlight, Mad Men's John Slattery who plays Roger. Sure his character is an out-of-control boozer and more than a tad scummy, but he has some delish one-liners and he's easy on the eyes!Soooo ZEXI!!! And, he has his own Ken doll!
I know, some consider Dr. Drew a Silver Fox and once upon a time, I also thought he was pretty smokin'... until he married bronzer/a tanning bed and now he permanently looks like a large Oompa Loompa. Suck that, Dr. Drew!

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