Friday, January 7, 2011

Jody Watley

I included one of her videos in a prior Throwback and I intended to do a Throwback yesterday but I... ended up playing WoW for like five hours straight. Don't judge me. Anyway, Jody Watley first gained attention as a regular dancer on Soul Train. She then embarked ona music career as a member of Shalimar, mostly remembered for their hit "Dancing In The Sheets" from the Footloose soundtrack. And then, Jody went solo and scored a string of excellent, funky, R&B dance tunes.
Her supermodel looks and dancing ability helped make her videos huge hits on MTV and she won the Grammy for Best New Artist and continued to score hits on two follow up albums. Sadly, as is the case with most artists of that time, the hits eventually dried up as musical tastes changed.
This is her today, still looking amazing! She continues making music today and in recent years released a covers album and The Make Over an album of new material mixed with modernized versions of some of her classic hits. Enjoy!

Looking For A New Love:

Don't You Want Me:

Some Kind Of Lover:


Real Love:

Friends (ft. Eric B and Rakim):

I Want You:

I'm The One You Need:


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