Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonder Wednesday - Wonder Woman TV Updates

THREE blogs in one day?! Madness!!! But I figured I should take advantage since I actually have subject matter, which isn't always the case. Well, David E. Kelley announced he was developing a new Wonder Woman TV show, which I was kinda meh over. TV had been kind to Wonder Woman in the past, but what were the odds that a new version was going to remain as faithful to the source as that one? Nothing these days is very faithful. Everything has to be updated and revised. And yeah, Wonder Woman has her built in issues for a lot of people. She's a woman first of all, which makes her difficult to market to males, who for whatever reason see anything with a female lead as being "not for them." She's an Amazon from a foreign land, Themyscira, or "Paradise Island" from a different culture. She's a super hero, yet preaches non-violence... etc.I was apathetic about the show in the first place. I'd rather there not be a Wonder Woman show or movie than there be a shitty WW show or movie. TV can be great if done right. And special effects and production values are getting better and better, so it could work.
But then all the networks passed and I was like, "Oh well. No big loss." Then NBC changed their mind and ordered the pilot. And today, it was announced that McG might be involved.
McG's biggest success has been as the director of the two Charlie's Angels movies and he also produces Chuck, Nikita, Supernatural and Human Target (also a comic book property). So... decent track record. I LOVED the first Charlie's Angels movie! And most of these feature excellent female leads.Is the Human Target still on? Because its sexy star, Mark Valley, would be perfect for Steve Trevor!And Sara Rue was born to play Etta Candy, even though she lost all that weight. Her personality is still perfect!
The press release bugs me:
The project is described as a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

Corporate executive?! What? Wonder Woman has never been one of those! Then again, her "secret identity" has never really amounted to much. It's not like Clark Kent where he has a defined role. Diana Prince has been a nurse, a diplomat, a soldier, a spy, a fast food worker (no for realz!)... it's never really made much of a difference. But still... strange. So, I'll keep an eye on this and we'll see how it goes. I would imagine they need to get cracking if they want it ready to role for this coming fall season. I'm really curious if they are going with her uber-unpopular costume from the current comics. Guess we'll see!

In geek news that I couldn't give two shits about, the Thundercats are coming back. And speaking of pissed off fanboys... it's always amazing to me how much fanboys hate anime. Well, unless they're Anime Geeks, but most geeks are not. So of course, everyone is pissed that the show looks so heavily anime inspired. Topless Robot pointed out that Tygra's whip looks decidedly less like a cock and balls than it used to and people are bitching about Panthro's sideburns. Some think Cheetara is hot. Others think she looks like a crack whore. I'm not sure how to feel, mainly because I'm not a fan of the property.

There have been a lot of comparisons to the 2002 revamp of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Um... which was AWESOME, so what's the problem? I kinda like the new Thundercats' look. I'm sure I'll check it out, even though I hated the original.

I'm like the only one. I know it has this huge cult following, but that cartoon was goddamn terrible! The worst voice acting on any cartoon from that period and choppy shitty animation. Everyone THINKS it had great animation, because the opening title sequence IS excellently done, but on the actual show, that quality was VERY absent. And it never made sense to me that Lion-O started off as a kid and grew up by the time they reached Earth, yet Wily Kat and Kit did not. I liked Wily Kit, though. She was cute!
God, I really was a sucker for sidekicks, wasn't I?

Bandai, which is like THE! WORST!! toy company ever has the license, and they unveiled the toys in England a couple days ago. No one was supposed to take pictures but some did and of course they look like shit. The old toys weren't very good in my opinion. I think my brother had them all. They had built in action features, which made them difficult to pose and limited articulation. And they were too big. Bigger than He-Man figures. I guess they figured bigger was better, but it wasn't. But the new ones look too small! So that's ironic.

So yeah... there's that.


  1. If McG is involved that will help a lot. If DC gets involved that would help too. But Kelley seems to be one of these "I'm not going to read about or research the character in any way, and just do what I want" type of writer. So, there is a lot of concern that Wonder Woman will be played for laughs by insecure Alley McBeal in a uniform inspired by the UN flag or pehaps played By William Shatner in a speedo. Cause that's Kelley's style. I'm having flashbacks to the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman TV movie. But I'll check it out if it gets picked up. On the Thundercats, I watched the original. It was fine (all cartoons of that era had great openings and shitty animation in the shows...G.I. Joe, Transformers, Jem---don't you dare tell me Jem shows looked anything like the opener ;) I wish lol) But the voices were horrible---I believe Panthro was voiced by the Grandfather from the Cosby show---I was always waiting for Panthro to say "Theo where's Rudy?" The 2002 He-man had some good points (mainly more serious tone and looks) but not enough charm as the original which is why it didn't catch on--and I couldn't stand the constant Teela/Adam bickering--"I can do it better than you Adam--nah-uuuhh, i can do better that you Teela---no way girls are waaaay better---naaah-uuuhhhh---ya-huuuuh---nooo..." AAAAAARGGH, shoot me. Orko from the first series was less annoying tham these two. It's pretty bad when I'm rooting for Skeletor to win. So, by the looks I'm guessing this Thundercats revamp will last as long as He-man did. And Cheetara does look like a mangy crack whore or perhaps a running Christina Aguilera-----Lion-O looks prettier than Cheetara does!

  2. Wow... Lion-O DOES look prettier than Cheetara! Ha ha! I pretty much agree with everything you said, but the animation on all the Sunbow shows was lightyears better than Thundercats!