Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tune In Tuesday - My Favorite Songs EVER! Vol. 1

This is a new feature. It won't be weekly or anything, although there will probably be another one next week, but I've decided to showcase my absolute favorite songs of all time. Hopefully, they will be diverse and interesting. They're probably all gonna be hella gay, though. None moreso than my inaugural feature...
Kylie's debut international single, " Should Be So Lucky!" Prior to this song's release, she'd been a beloved soap opera star in her native Australia. I get the impression soap operas are a lot bigger deal in other countries. On the show Neighbors, Kylie played Charlene, a mechanic (!) opposite heartthrob Jason Donovan who played Scott. The couple was so dear to the Australians that when they finally tied the knot on TV, it was treated in the press almost like a real royal wedding! Jason Donovan also launched a successful musical career and shared a duet with Kylie, "Especially For You" which appear on both their albums.DAAAAAAAAAYUMMMM! That is MAYBE the scariest mullet ever!
Kylie appeared at a live benefit, and although not technically a singer, she sang "I Got You Babe" with one of her Neighbors co-stars. When the audience demanded an encore, she asked the band if they knew the Little Eva classic "The Loco-Motion." She sang it and a recording of it was released as a single, spending seven weeks atop the Australian pop charts... the highest selling Australian single of the year! (I've read that it was the highest selling Aussie single of the decade, but... I dunno, that sounds fishy.)With that song's success, her record label arranged for her to travel to England to work with British producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman (SAW) who'd produced the hits "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" by Dead Or Alive and "Venus" by Bananarama. The producers... forgot she was coming. So while Kylie waited in the lobby, they slapped together THE FINEST PIECE OF POP MUSIC EVER. Kylie recorded the song in less than an hour and left. The rest is history!

I Should Be So Lucky

The song debuted on the British charts at #9 but quickly rose to #1, where it remained for eight weeks! In Australia, it became the highest selling single of 1988. It hit #1 in many countries and in Japan was named "Record of the Year!"
Her debut album followed. Her second single "Got To Be Certain" debuted at #1 in Australia and made it to #2 in England. She followed that with a newly SAW-produced recording of "The Loco-Motion" which was also a massive hit and her first major hit in the US, hitting #3 for two weeks. "I Should Be So Lucky" was released here as the follow-up to "The Loco-Motion" but only made it to #28 (#10 on the Dance Charts).

Kylie wasn't able to replicate the success here of another SAW-production, Rick Astley, but her debut album is a frothy, bubble gum pillow fight! I can listen to it from start to finish... except I always rewind and listen to "I Should Be So Lucky" like 40 times in a row! It may not have been as successful here, but it's still one of her signature hits that she performs on nearly all of her tours!

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