Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Seduction

Does anyone remember RuPaul's long-running talk show on VH1? Well, I was watching the new season of Drag Race and her sidekick from the talk show, Michelle Visage, is now a regular judge. Michelle Visage?! That brought back some memories!
Michelle was the blonde girl in trio Seduction in the 80s. There was a rash of female trios back then, doing freestyle music, most famously Expose'. (I'll have to do a blog about them at some point... drama!) Seduction had three big hits, "Heartbeat," "You're My One And Only (True Love)" and "It Takes Two" produced by hit-makers David Cole and Robert Cliviles, who later went on to greater success as C+C Music Factory.
Originally, there was no actual musical group Seduction! It was just a name Cliviles and Cole used and featured random vocalists. "You're My One And Only" was sung by Martha Wash. You remember her, right? When it became a hit, C+C had to scramble to assemble an actual group to sing/promote it!
In addition to Michelle Visage, they hired April Harris and most notably, Idalis DeLeon, who would be the first member to leave the group, only to go on to greater success as an MTV VJ and actress. Oddly, the least visible of the group, April Harris owns the rights to the name Seduction and has formed a newer version with two other singers.

So yeah... it was just one of those blast-from-the-past moments!

You're My One And Only (True Love)


It Takes Two

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