Monday, January 31, 2011

SuperMANic Monday

Ha ha ha! I was on a message board and they showed these two pics and I was like, "Damn, gimme some warning before flinging Spider-Azz in my face! I need to be prepared for that!" I wonder if that's really Andrew Garfield, because hell that's the next-best-thing to seeing it naked! If not, 'twouldn't be the first time I was tricked by Spider-Man's ass.

But the main subject of today's blog is the newly announced star of the upcoming Superman reboot that I am already convinced I will not enjoy, Henry Cavill.He was on The Tudors, which I never saw. I've never seen him in anything, actually, but I do recall that his name has come up before as a potential Superman. Well... he's easy on the eyes at least!
Gotta say, it looks like his body hair ratio is about perfect. Yep, definitely easy on the eyes.
Someone mocked up this image:
It could work... the reason I say I won't enjoy it is because I'm the one comic fan that doesn't like Christopher Nolan's Batman reboots. But... most of that has to do with the casting. I just am NEVER going to like Christian Bale in anything. And everyone knows I actually couldn't stand Heath Ledger's Joker. So hopefully, Henry Cavill can deliver where they didn't. We'll see, I suppose!

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