Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonder Wednesday - Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Of course the comic fans hate it. They hate everything!
I love Emma Stone! I didn't love Easy A, but I still like her overall... usually. I hate the fake blonde hair. No one ever looks good with fake blonde hair, ahem Xtina. Double ahem, Lindsay.
And Andrew Garfield is goddamn delicious! He is so freakin' good looking, it's ridiculous! The Social Network is a good movie, but the whole time, I just kept wishing I was having a threesome with him and Jessie Eisenberg. And then another one with Armie Hammer X2. Wait... how did I get here... um... something about Spider-Man...
Some are upset that he's too skinny.But Spider-Man is SUPPOSED to be skinny. He didn't beef up until years later, when John Romita Jr started drawing him.And even today, a lot of illustrators tend to go back to that early, skinny look as the definitive interpretation.
And then there are the "Why did they have to make him all Emo?" haters. Um... because all Peter Parker does is fail at life and lie around (usually shirtless) moping and whining about it! He was Emo before Emo existed! It's his whole shtick! Honestly, I don't understand comic fans... what do they want? A super cool, badass Spider-Man? Because that's NOT what Spider-Man is. He's a loser who never has any luck at anything... that's why I THOUGHT people liked him!

But let's talk about that costume. First of all... HAWT! Buuuut, second, what's up with the racing stripes? I don't really dig them on the legs and I REALLY don't like them on the arms in place of the traditional broad stripes. The stripes go up his legs and make a little point at the waist, but they don't connect to the red V pattern on the front, in other words, it doesn't have a "belt" like the traditional costume does. But, I get it. Tobey Maguire's costume was a 100% faithful adaptation of the comic book costume on the silver screen. Probably THE most faithful of every movie super heroes' costume. But this is a fresh start and they needed to differentiate this look from the past movie cycle's. People are complaining about the "shoes" but no one is sure if those will be visible in the actual movie. I mean... he has to have something! He can't run around in his socks! That makes my feet hurt just thinking about it!

I guess what I'm saying is, it's close enough. It's not like they changed his signature color scheme or stuck him in armor or S&M leather (unlike certain super heroes...). It's the essence of Spider-Man, just tweaked a tad. I don't get what the fuss is about.

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