Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday To Yvonne Craig!

This is WAY late, but Monday the 16th was Yvonne Craig's birthday! OMG! I'm Birthday Neighbors with the original Batgirl! Happy (um, belated) birthday to one of the ass-kickingest heroines EVER! (And also, the first live-action super heroine ever... am I right?) Plus, she played the green slave chick on Star Trek, so double the geek-cred! When The Hub started replaying Batman this year, I realized I had ZERO interest in sitting through any of the episodes before Batgirl showed up, so now I know where I real allegiance lies.
Coincidentally, I have the BEST friends ever, and my friend Tee is like a KING! A GOD! He constantly blows my mind with the most thoughtful presents EVER! This year, (and I needed it this year), he stunned me with a GORGEOUS, PRISTINE Mego Batgirl! Mego FUCKING Batgirl! the packaging is repro and I'm fairly sure all of her costume is too, which kinda makes her even nicer than if everything had been original, because it was just like getting a brand new one! And the package she came on is this nifty bubble with another bubble inside, that you can OPEN and close back up, so that age-old collector's conundrum of "do I open or leaave it sealed" is solved with this puppy! You can do both! I mean, she won't be doing any hard adventuring, but it was nice to at least take her own and pose her a little before sealing her back up for display. Just GORGEOUS!!! And yeah, a funny coincidence, with the real Yvonne Craig's birthday... can't believe I never knew it was the day after mine!

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