Saturday, May 28, 2011

Which Avengers Will They Add In The Sequel?

This is a follow-up to yesterday's blog where I discussed, what is currently just a rumor, that Thanos will be the villain in the Avengers movie. Like I said, I doubt this movie will include Loki, The Skrulls AND Thanos all in one story, so my guess is that Thanos will just pop up at the end and tease the sequel. And as I also said, The Avengers are gonna have to do some recruiting to stop him, because Hawkeye and Black Widow are toast. So who should join the team in the sequel? Here are some picks...

The most controversial omission, is of course The Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, one of two founders in the comics that are left out of the movie. Jan's been a constant on the team over the years and even led them. There's really no reason she should have been completely left out and I'm sure the producers will make it up in the sequel. They'd better!

And of course, The Wasp was, in the beginning, the partner of Ant-Man, Hank Pym. There have been constant talk of an Ant-Man movie. Maybe it'll come out after Avengers and lead into his (and The Wasp's) addition to the team in the second movie.
Keep in mind, Hank also used his size-changing powers to become Giant-Man. In case two tiny heroes are too much.

Powerhouse Ms. Marvel gained her powers from the alien Kree, the galactic mortal enemies of The Skrulls. If The Skrulls are in Avengers, couldn't The Kree easily pop up in the sequel?

And Captain Marvel a.k.a. Photon also gained her powers from an alien source. Her energy powers would look fantastic onscreen and would certainly come in handy against a nearly all-powerful alien god!

Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch... okay, not much to do with Thanos or aliens in general, but the mutant speedster and mistress of probability were two of the earliest recruits in the comics and Scarlet Witch in particular has remained a constant on the team over the years. It would be a shame to induct later members before these two stalwarts.

The same goes for SW's husband (ex?), The Vision, who has also been a constant on the team over the years. He doesn't have any specific ties to Thanos, but he SHOULD be in the movies. He and Hank Pym DO have ties to another big Avengers baddie, Ultron... maybe a sequel will feature him. Hmmm?

Black Panther... okay, not going to be very useful against Thanos. He falls in the same category as Black Widow and Hawkeye in terms of power, but like with Ant-Man, there's been constant talk about a Black Panther movie for years. Wesley Snipes wanted to play him after he wrapped up the Blade movies but so far it hasn't happened. But should it happen after Avengers, I don't see any reason he shouldn't be added to the lineup in future installments. Plus, they've been shoe-horning the character into anything Avengers in the past couple of years, for, ahem, some reason. (Psst, because Black Panther isn't just his name.)

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hey, a Norse god was a hit in theaters, why not a Greco-Roman one? Hercules is as powerful as Thor, has a mace instead of a hammer but drinks a lot more and bangs more women! What's not to love about this God-Gone-Wild?

Luke Cage is a recent addition to the team. He also has had a movie in the works for a while now, rumored to be directed by John Singleton and possibly starring Tyrese Gibson. He's super strong and if he does get his own movie, like Ant-Man and Black Panther, he should be added to The Avengers.

Everyone likes She-Hulk better than The Hulk, don't they? It'd be super easy to work her into the movies' continuity. Super strong party girl/lawyer? Who wouldn't pay $15 to see that in 3D?!

And now a few characters who have no shot in hell of ever appearing on a movie screen... or do they?
The Guardians of the Galaxy... that's right, a team-within-a-team, this pack of futuristic space adventurers joined the team during the Kree/Skrull War so there's your opening! Why wouldn't they had SEVEN more characters into the movie? It worked so well for the Batman franchise.

Starfox is Thanos' brother! See the resemblance? Anyway, he can fly and has super strength, but his real power is his super pheromones which make him irresistible to women. See how that would come in handy during a cosmic super hero space battle? Point against him: Starfox is apparently a well-known video game property, so Marvel would probably want to avoid confusion there. (Yeah, because THAT'S the reason he won't be in the movies!)

Mantis was raised by a group of Kree priests and became a master martial artist, so skilled she could defeat super powered beings, as she is shown here kicking Thor's and The Scarlet Witch's asses... AT THE SAME TIME! She was the "Celestial Madonna" of the Kree's religion and was supposed to give birth to their savior... it's... really complicated. It would probably require its own movie and since Wonder Woman doesn't even have her own, good luck to a Vietnamese, ex-hooker with antennae (that, to my knowledge don't do anything), that runs around barefoot and may or may not have had sex with the android Vision, some cosmic deity and The Silver Surfer. Oh and may or may not have turned evil at one point. Yeah, license to print money, this one is.

After Thanos killed her parents, Thanos' father rescued Heather Douglas and took her to Titan and raised her to become the powerful space telepath Moondragon! So, if when Thanos lands on Earth in the movie and blows a car up with a young girl getting thrown clear, you know where that's leading! I like Moondragon. She's bald and a complete bitch to everyone around her. That adds some spice.

Other than the Silver Surfer, Quasar is probably Marvel's leading cosmic hero. For a while, they were playing him as their answer to Green Lantern. He wears these two quantum bands that grant him loads of energy powers. Other than being cute, though, I've never been that interested in him. He's kinda vanilla. Stick with Ms. Marvel and Photon, Marvel. Even so, I'd say out of all these long shots, he actually has the best shot of ever appearing in a movie, even if it's playing second fiddle to a more successful character like The Silver Surfer.

Jack of Hearts, real name Jack Hart!, was the son of a human father and alien mother and was caught in an experiment that involved some alien super fluid and suit of powerful armor and became of the D-Listiest heroes to ever join the Avengers, where he got blown the fuck up by the insane Scarlet Witch, taking the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, with him. I think 3D Man has a better shot of starring in a movie, but who knows...

So there are some ideas, Marvel/Joss Whedon! Hope that helps!

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