Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hunger Games - Lenny Kravitz Cast

As you may have noticed, I am ditching the normal daily "themes" this week, for no real reason, other than I don't have anything to say on those subjects. I mean, I'm sure as hell not writing a "Tune In Tuesday" about Lady GaGa's Born This Way album. Yeah, I said it! (I will plug NKOTBSB's "Mashup" from their album. Download it! It's six minutes of pure boyband delish!)

So anyway, the one bit of news I want to plug is Lenny Kravitz's casting as Cinna in The Hunger Games!
Apparently, he won this role after a terrific turn in Precious Based On The Book Push By Sapphire. (Is that title fer serious?) I have never, nor will I probably ever, see Precious Based On The Book Push By Sapphire, because I know it's hella DE! PRESS!! ING!!! But he played a nurse in it and... I guess was good at it.

I'm okay with this casting. I like Lenny Kravitz. He's one of the few rock artists whose work I enjoy. He seems very chill and cool which Cinna is also. Cinna is VERY clearly in the book described as caucasian with short brown hair and green eyes (which he accentuates with gold eye shadow). But there is something comforting about Lenny Kravitz. No wonder he can get into any pants he wants. I'm okay with this! Cinna is probably the fifth most important character in the books, after the three young leads and Haymitch, so this was one of those announcements I was really on the edge of my seat over and I am quite satisfied!

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