Friday, May 27, 2011

Avengers Movie SPOILERS?! (And a COOL Wonder Woman Illo)

THIS is Wonder Woman done right! (By joshwmc on Deviant Art.) It's really about as flawless as you can get! The addition of the gladiator skirt pumps up her warrior nature, I love reinterpreting the white stripe on her boots as shin-guards, the leather material looks durable and tough. I realize it isn't as radical a change as the pants and jacket, so if DC were to have gone with this revision, no one would have cared and there wouldn't have been that all-media shitstorm they were so desperately courting when they made the change. But yeah, whether in the comics or in any media adaptation, if they went with this costume, fans would be all on board!

Okay, now for the latest Avengers movie SPOILERS! Well, they're just rumors, but the source is Latino News, and they are almost always RIGHT! So don't read if you don't want to know...
Latino News, for whatever reason, tends to get the hard core scoop on super hero movie news. I find it odd, simply because these movies have like... um, yeah approximately NO Latinos in them. I suppose the argument is that Latinos like super hero movies? That's as good an explanation as I can concoct. So their latest scoop is on the villains in the Avengers movie. The post-credit scene in Thor apparently supports this revelation, but I wouldn't know as I still haven't seen it. But it was semi rumored that the shape-shifting aliens, The Skrulls, would be the involved, as would Thor's brother/enemy Loki.
The Skrulls are riding high after their involvement in Secret Invasion a couple summers ago. They can shape-shift in any way they want. There was this classic Fantastic Four villain, Super Skrull, who also had the ability to mimic all their powers. In Secret Invasion, they created an army of Super Skrulls who could mimic many different super heroes and teams. They also used their abilities to replace a bunch of heroes on Earth and attempt to destroy them from within.

But wait! Apparently, Loki and The Skrulls are just the beginning. The big scoop is that this is all lead up to the REAL big bad...
Thanos! Thanos is probably the most powerful, most cosmic super villain in Marvel Comics. He's their version of Darkseid. When he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet, he can do ANYTHING! He is also in love with Death and uses his abilities to attempt to please her, which always involves killing lots and lots of living beings.
The Infinity Gauntlet DID appear in Thor, so the groundwork is there!
Okay soooooo... that's a whole lotta movie, right there. This is supposed to be less than two hours and you have THREE MAJOR villains?! I wouldn't be surprised if Thanos actually only had a cameo, setting up the inevitable sequel. I can't imagine all three having huge roles in the movie, as in the comics, every time they pop up, the story runs for several issues!

Also, Thanos is way too powerful for THIS Avengers team. Hawkeye and Black Widow have ZERO super powers between them... technically neither does Iron Man, but that suit is powerful enough, but even Captain America isn't like super powerful. He's just slightly tougher than a normal person. To fight Thanos, I mean you need COSMIC level heroes like Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock. Dude with a bow and arrows and chick with wrist gatlings are doomed! I mean this match-up boils down to Thor and Hulk versus Thanos and some cannon fodder.

Which leads back to my idea that Thanos just pops up at the end to tease the sequel. If they are going to survive that battle, The Avengers are going to have to beef up their ranks with some real heavy hitters. My suggestions for Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel (who, if both heroines were used, would definitely go by Photon) are plausible, given there are extraterrestrial origins for both their powers.
Oh man! Wouldn't that be SWEET?!

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