Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tune In Tuesday - The New DC Comics

Huh. So DC is scrapping its entire line and relaunching from scratch, to bring their characters into the present. Fifty books will relaunch with all-new #1s including a new Justice League composed once again of the big guns. So... basically this whole year has been time-biding bullshit. The terrible Wonder Woman relaunch, the failed Superman walking across America story, the JLA composed of former sidekicks and Z-listers... just a waste of time and money. Awesome.

Jim Lee, the designer of the REVILED pants and jacket Wonder Woman suit has been tasked with redesigning EVERYONE to make them more current... because it worked so well last time! Let's just start off with the biggest "Fuck You," he changed Superman's S shield. Fuck you, asshole. You don't do that. They described these changes as making the heroes more recognizable. Well, one in every five guys has the REAL S Shield tattooed to his bicep. I'd say that's pretty fucking recognizable. It's probably either right behind the Nike Swoosh or possibly even ahead of it as the most recognizable logo in the world!

He also ditched the "classic" shorts over tights look. I can only shake my head at that. I know it may seem silly, but that's what super heroes are SUPPOSED to wear!

I can see already he hasn't backed down on Wonder Woman and only tweaked the much hated pants costume, removing the SENSIBLE shoulder straps, as well as those ridiculous arm straps, in favor of upper arm bracers. He also swapped out all the gold on her costume for silver, which no one is gonna fucking like, so get ready for that. The tiara is the same. The bodice is very similar and she's still wearing pants... which might not be THAT bad. I'll have to wait and see.

And I guess priest collars are the new black in super suits. Guess there was a sale at Steinmart.

More as it's revealed!

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