Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wonder Wednesday

So Truth, Justice and The American Way , huh? I guess that's the biggest news in comics right now. It's also the news that I have absolutely no reaction to. I seriously have no opinion. "Okay... so?" I don't get why people care. Number one, um, he's a fictional character. Number two, technically, was he ever an official American citizen? (Apparently.) Like, does he actually have a Social Security number and a card that says "Superman" on it? Number three, I already kinda thought of characters like him and Wonder Woman and all the aliens are being citizens of the world. Like they just happened to live in America.

It is rather coincidental that this storyline came about right around the time as Obama went over there an d shot Osama Bin Ladden in the head. (What? That's not how it actually happened?) But yeah... I don't really care. It just sounds like stirring up shit to get in the news.

I'm sure you're all aware that Thor comes out this weekend and as I said, I'll be out of town. I do think I'll go see it while David and the boys are at the game. I was hoping to see it here with my friends, though. I even bought this peachy keen Tokidoki shirt to wear! I think I'll just wear it today. The reaction to the film so far has just been "It's pretty good." It's not blowing anyone away, but it doesn't appear to be terrible either. One disturbing reaction I read was that Chris Hemsworth is "slightly better than Channing Tatum in GI Joe." Yikes! That's not a ringing endorsement! (Also, I just remembered, didn't Channing Tatum also play a Duke in She's The Man?)

Topless Robot ran this commentary. Basically, Marvel is throwing around the idea of spin-off movies for Avengers characters Hawkeye and Black Widow and they have had an Ant-Man movie in the works for a while and Dr. Strange is also one they hope to movie-ize. And... well, DC has a final Nolan Batman coming and Superman. That's it. Like the writer of this article said, "If Marvel Films makes either an Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow or Dr. Strange movie before DC and Warner Bros. makes at least a Wonder Woman or Justice League movie, everyone at DC/WB should just kill themselves out of shame. That is all." Yeah.

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