Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Hera! Wonder Woman In Need of Rescue?!

Here's a Wonder Woman movie concept I can get 100% behind! A documentary on the impact of Wonder Woman called The History of the Universe As Told By Wonder Woman with input from everyone from Gloria Steinham to the lady herself, Lynda Carter and of course her fans!

Check out the preview:

The producers need help to get this movie edited. They need $10,000 by March 17 and you can help by contributing as little as $1! If you donate more, you can get all kinds of nifty stuff, like a thank you in the credits or if you're VERY generous, you can even get a Producer's credit! I um, cannot afford to be that generous, but I did give $35 which will get me a DVD of this movie, which based on the preview looks like a MUST watch! Click on the title of the movie above for further details!

May the Glory of Gaea Be With You!

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