Thursday, February 17, 2011

NOT Throwback Thursday

I'm not doing a Throwback today. I didn't really have anything in mind and other stuff came up. It's more like Television Thursday, except the alliteration doesn't work there. Thelevision Thursday? Ugh. Nevermind. First off, David and Dylan... still loving the American Idol. Me, still loathing the American Idol. Last night was the team round, which makes total sense, since they are casting for a singing group. Oh right, no they're not, so that makes no effen sense at all and is just a complete waste of time. So the teams had to choose from a list of 20 songs and I got SO. GOD. DAMN. ANGRY!!! At these assholes singing "FORGET You" that I put on my iPod and listened to "FUCK You!" on repeat ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously, I went to bed with my iPod on. (And subsequently woke up with it under me.) (This also helped drown out that damn helicopter that was flying over all night... NOT filming that George Clooney movie as I previously posted on FB, but... heh, looking for an escaped prisoner!)

I've probably admitted a load of stuff on this blog that was better left unsaid, but this might be the topper. You know who my absolute dorkiest crush is on?
Ken Jennings. Yeah, the Jeopardy guy. I like gingers. And dorks. I mean... check and check. They don't COME any dorkier than that! Plus, I loved his little nerd joke last night when he and Brad Rutter got their asses waxed by the scary, this-is-going-to-end-badly, super computer Watson. Sigh!

So shifting gears completely, I wanted to weigh in (ever so slightly) on the announcement that Friday Night Lights actress Adrianne Palicki had been officially cast as Wonder Woman in the new David E. Kelly pilot.
Everyone on teh internets has chimed in, most calling her ugly, which... that's just lovely. There's always been this weird disconnect in people's heads when it comes to casting super heroines. They always throw out names of porn stars and female wrestlers. Like SERIOUSLY?! Yet when they're looking for a new Superman, you get names like Jonn Hamm. It's not all about the looks! How'sabout some acting ability? (It does worry me that in a couple of pics I've seen, she looks a tad like Meagan Fox, whom I fucking loathe, but that so many people seemed to want to play Wonder Woman.)
She's certainly not ugly. What puts me off is just that she looks so YOUNG! I just imagine Wonder Woman being more mature, especially since in the show, she's supposed to be this powerful CEO. This girl is way CW-looking, to me, like she should be playing a high school student... possibly one dating a vampire, werewolf or demon.
Sadly, I wish I knew SOMETHING about her, but I never watched Friday Night Lights. I KNOW! I KNOW! It's really good and not really about football and blah blah! I've never seen it! Sorry! And sadly, I don't think Wonder Woman's casting is going to make or break this show. I think it's going to be the script, direction and overall tone... which judging by the reaction of everyone that's read the script, is going to suuuuuuuuuuuck! It is apparently Alley McBeal but like with fights and stuff. Like it's neurotic, "Why can't I meet the right guy?" Wonder Woman. It's Super Heroes And The City. Great-Fuckin'-Hera!

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