Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favorite Songs EVER! - Stacey Q - Two of Hearts

For WHATEVER reason, Lady Gaga's side ponytail on the Grammys when she performed "Born This Way" reminded me... no, not of Madonna, to whom everyone is comparing Gaga now, but another 80s icon... okay, icon is a strong word... one-hit-wonder, Stacey Q!
See what I'm talking about? What was the deal with the shoulders? Anyhoo... I like "Born This Way." A lot of people don't. It's not ground-breaking. It's nowhere near her greatest song or anything. Elton John must've been smoking crack when he said this song would dethrone "I Will Survive" as the greatest gay anthem of all time. But it's good enough. It's better than that fucking terrible Britney song!
BUT... it will never be a delightful as Stacey Q's smash "Two of Hearts" and there's no chance in hell, I will ever love it as much as I do THAT song! (Click the cover image to view the music video!)

Stacey Swain worked as a performer in the Disneyland Fantasy on Parade show as a "Dutch Puppet" and went on to work as a showgirl/elephant rider for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, before fronting the band Q. Due to copyright issues, Q changed its name to SSQ, possibly to stand for "Stacey Swain Q." Stacey then signed a solo deal with On The Spot Records, an independent label and released her debut Stacey Q, featuring an early version of "Two of Hearts." This indie release garnered the attention of major label Atlantic which then signed her. She released a major label debut in 1986, Better Than Heaven. Atlantic released "Two of Hearts" as Stacey's first single and it skyrocketed, hitting #3 on the Billboard pop charts. (On The Spot Records also released their version as a single and the two competing singles split her sales, preventing her from reaching #1.)

Stacey Q on Solid Gold:

Stacey had a modest hit with her follow-up "We Connect." She also scored a recurring role on 80s sitcom The Facts of Life as Cinnamon, an actress that initially competed with Tootie for a role in a Broadway show. She performed "Two of Hearts" on the show and returned for a follow-up appearance where she performed "We Connect" and George Clooney's character "George" left to work as her tour manager, thus explaining his exit from the show. NBC considered creating a spin-off starring Stacey and George but it didn't materialize. (She would go on to make appearances on Full House and Mamma's Family.) Of course, she still records and releases music today, but... well, it's no "Two of Hearts!"

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