Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonder Wednesday - Flashpoint

Click on the image to make it bigger... did that sound dirty to anyone else?
So DC released these teasers for its upcoming crossover Flashpoint. They're very vague and out-of-left-field. It would appear to be an altered Batman logo with the caption, "He spends his days running Wayne Casinos." Followed by Wonder Woman and Aquaman's logos and the caption "Their marriage was arranged to prevent war." A war? Between the Amazons of Themyscira and the Atlanteans? I guess that could make sense, but Aquaman is already married. Or is he? It gets confusing sometimes. And also, is this the real Wonder Woman or that new teenage one that's running around in pants and a jacket? Because her Amazons aren't even a united group right now.

Then the cover art was revealed...
Huh. Well, obviously, The Flash takes center stage. There's Aquaman and Cyborg and Batman and... who's that dude? Because that armor is sort of Aqua-looking.

Finally, the toys were unveiled... (Once again, click to enlarge.)
Oh. That "dude" is Wonder Woman. Whoopsee! The TOY is MUCH more attractive than the illustration, but I'm hoping that was just an unflattering shot and not an indication of how the actual artwork in the title is.

But the big "Oh I get it!" is that this is one of those parallel universe/Age of Apocalypse type stories. Sadly, I was very let-down by that revelation. I mean, it's not "real." Plus how many times are they gonna go back to that well. Not only did Marvel knock it out of the park with the original Age of Apocalypse storyline, but they were nearly as successful with ANOTHER of these types of stories, House of M.

DC insists that this ISN'T a parallel universe, this is the real DC Universe but something has happened to alter it. Yawn. At any rate, The Flash is going to be the only one who remembers the way things are supposed to be and have to convince his former friends to help him set things right. I didn't read that anywhere, I just rattled it off because I already know how this story is going to unfold.
I have a theory that the Batman depicted is actually Chief Man of Bats (above), the Native American Batman, because of the casino angle and the fact that most casinos are run by Indian Reservations, but I may be wrong there. Someone else pointed out that DC probably wouldn't add the red accents to the costume if that were the case, because it might be seen as a reference to him being a "red man" thus racist. But that wouldn't be the first time a big company was insensitive.

At any rate, I like Cyborg being given a prominent role. He's a cool character and has the potential to be more of a major player in the DCU. And that Wonder Woman figure looks sweet, so I'll probably grab that whether the story ends up being balls or not. So we shall see...

On another Wonder Woman topic, I find it really odd that DC hasn't issued any action figure or statue of her in the new outfit. I mean, OF COURSE, everyone hates it, but you'd have thought that before the negative reaction that DC would have INTENDED to give this look a huge push. Did they maybe have plans to license it but drop them when everyone trashed the look? Just curious.
Speaking of, you may have already heard, but MAC cosmetics has released a limited edition line of Wonder Woman makeup. That's... swell. Yeah, this is one time when a Wonder Woman line does nothing for me. I'm not even interested i n buying any as a collectible. I'm glad to see Wonder Woman given ANY exposure, since DC has been shoving her out of the spotlight in favor of Green Lantern and even The Flash lately, but I mean... I'm a boy. That's... makeup.

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