Friday, February 18, 2011

Page Updates!

You may have noticed a couple of little changes to the page. First of all, to all my fellow bloggers, I apologize for not having done this sooner, but I have updated my Blog List to reflect almost all of the blogs I follow. I've provided some links within blogs before, but I should have been listing them in my Blog List all along. Hope that helps drive a little traffic your way!

I am happy to have this Search feature, so if there are any topics that I don't have a tag for, you can now just type it in and pull up any blogs on a particular subject! I hate when blogs DON'T have this feature, so once again, it was well past time for me to add it to mine!

People have asked me about my blog's stats before, so I've posted that info. I'm no Perez Hilton, but I do alright and I'm grateful ANYONE reads this blog considering how all over the place the subject matter is and quite frankly how silly some of my topics are. But make no mistake, I appreciate each and every person who drops by here, no matter how sporadically. I hope I can continue delivering... whatever it is you find appealing about this blog! Also, as attention-starved as I am, feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, so thanks to anyone who comments either via Blogger or Facebook. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it! (It always blows my mind when I meet someone that I don't know that's read my blog... I have FANS?! That's just madness!)

And I may regret this, but I have included a listing of my Most Popular Blogs. I've had access to this info all along and it's kinda embarrassing. First of all, I find it exceedingly hard to believe that the single thing that drives the most traffic to my blog is this picture of Mandy Moore from my Top Millennium Pop Songs blog!For REAL?! I had no idea she had such a devoted fan base!

I am quite proud of that write-up on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, so I am glad to see that that blog has had so many views. I wish my Jem one got that much traffic! I intended to do a She-Ra followup as well. I should get crack-a-lackin' on that!

And then, judging by the other three most popular blogs, the majority of my readers are just horny perverts.

So yeah... I wish I had the savvy to create my own logo or wallpaper, but... um, I don't. If anyone wants to help me out there, I'd appreciate that! But anyway, I hope that these changes make for an easier and more enjoyable blog-reading experience and once again, thanks to everyone reading this for providing me a creative outlet/soapbox!

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