Friday, February 18, 2011

Superman, Thor and Green Lantern

Check it out! Handsome new Superman, Henry Cavill graces the cover of the new EW, and offers his first comments about landing the sweet role. (Thanks for the tip, Dave. Mine won't get here until late this afternoon!) Of course we're still so far off from the movie actually getting made, so there's not a whole lot to spill... mostly just the audition process. Still, that makes for a LOT of super hero developments this week, what with the new Wonder Woman and all.
Marvel, with uncharacteristic little fanfare, unveiled a new extended trailer for Thor yesterday:

I love their insistence of showcasing Chris Hemsworth's half-naked physique! That has not been omitted from a single trailer YET! Is it an attempt to appeal to females that might otherwise be uninterested?

Color me crazy, but I think Thor might be the best of the new super hero movies. Well... hmmm... Captain America looks really good, too. I'm really pulling for Green Lantern, since it's DC's first stab at branching out and making a super hero movie not starring Batman or Superman, but for whatever reason, I'm reticent. There's just a lot about it that has me worried... the suit, some of the casting, some of the aliens. I'm REALLY, REALLY hoping it's a hit, so they'll keep going and we'll get a Flash movie and hopefully Wonder Woman and so forth, but I'm not PUMPED for it. None of the trailers has me anxious to see it... I'm more worried and just praying it doesn't suck and that it does well. Whereas with the two Marvel movies, I'm actually looking forward to seeing them.
There are, of course, other possible outcomes.

A. It could completely suck... but still do well. Terrible movies always do extremely well. Transformers 1 & 2. X-Men 3. Wolverine. (Unless they star a female super hero, then no one will go see them regardless. Wah waaaaaah!) Then movies that are kinda alright, like GI Joe don't do so well. Ultimately, if this is the case, it may be for the greater good, because no matter how shitty the movie is, if it makes money, Warner Brothers will go forward with The Flash, etc. BUT, then again, if this one is shitty, that may just mean that all the others that come after it could also be shitty and I think I may prefer NO Flash movie to a shitty one. I DEFINITELY prefer no Wonder Woman, over shitty Wonder Woman.

B. On the flip side, it could be good or pretty good... well, heck, it could be amazing... yet not do so well. Once again, that happens all the time. Watchmen? What more could fans ask for... other than that goddamn squid? It was shot-for-shot faithful to the source! Other than that goddamn squid. It didn't bomb, exactly, but it didn't do well. Believe it or not, there was talk of making a sequel. (I have no idea HOW!) Well, that never happened, so... y'know, silver lining.

C. It could suck AND bomb. I'm not sure if Jonah Hex has a place in this discussion. Yes, Jonah Hex originated in comics, but... I think when you say "comic book movie" you're really saying "super hero movie" and Jonah Hex is a cowboy. But the movie apparently sucked (I had no desire to see it either way) and rightfully tanked. I don't know that that CAN happen with GL. There is enough hype that it'll at least open huge. I mean Jonah Hex isn't even that big a name IN comics... I mean, he's probably the most famous cowboy, but how many western comics are there? Like barely any these days. Even non-comic readers at least know OF Green Lantern. But if it's not great, word will spread pretty quick and could kill it in the long run.

D. Or y'know it could be awesome and do well!

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