Thursday, February 3, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Spider-Woman Spending Spree

This is kind of a sequel to this blog. But anyway, I decided that I wanted to try and collect as much Spider-Woman merch as I could find, because while there is a bit of it out there, it's not overwhelming. It's definitely a finite list of items, whereas with Wonder Woman, it's just plain ridiculous! I have no idea how fans of Spider-Man and Batman do it. There's just SO MUCH stuff devoted to them! (Also, I'm seeking whatever Ms. Marvel stuff I can find, but I know there is barely any of that out there.)

Soooooo... got on another kick. I'm not sure what set it off. Actually I might. I was on that Viewmaster kick I mentioned and Spider-Woman's was definitely one that I scored.It's pretty incomprehensible. It revolves around Spider-Woman's neighbor The Werewolf (in the comics, more commonly known as Werewolf By Night) being attacked by an assassin and her intervening. There is AB-SO-LUTE-LY no explanation as to why her neighbor is a WEREWOLF! They just run with it! Mmmmmm'kay! They also mention her working at a clinic, where in the comics she is a private detective, so I don't know what that was all about. So, item one down.I also bought this Spider-Woman "Bubble Funnies" which was a tiny comic book packaged with a stick of that tasteless, rock-hard gum that used to come with baseball cards. It arrived and, yup, still factory sealed WITH the gum. I mean, I could have left it as is, but I wanted to read the comic, so that 30 year-old gum had to go bye bye. As did the Mint condition of this item, but I don't care about that. Like if I HAD to sell my collection, that I'd assume THIS item would go for anything worthwhile? Nah!
Speaking of comics, I also got on a promo comic kick. I bought two that I had as a kid, given out by Radio Shack to promote their home computers, starring Superman with Supergirl in one and Wonder Woman in the other. I also got this book that I LOVED as a kid, given out by 7-11 convenience stores, starring Spider-Woman alongside Spider-Man, The Hulk and Captain America. The villainess, The Enchantress fools three male villains into assembling the pieces of a crown that will grant her supreme power. Sadly, while Cap and Spidey get full chapters devoted to their battles with The Trapster and The Wizard respectively, Spider-Woman is reduced to jumping into The Hulk's battle with The Rhino. At least they correctly identify her as a detective! On the back of the comic, they show tee shirts and posters emblazoned with all four heroes' images and DAMMIT I want the Spider-Woman ones! But mail-in items like this are practically nonexistent in this day and age! But maybe one day... who knows?I also got this little ring that originally sold for one quarter in grocery store vending machines. I, um, did not pay a quarter for it.Next, I went looking for this DC Comics postcard book from the 70s. I found it for the reasonable price of about $30. But then, you know how you save on shipping if you buy MORE stuff from the same seller? Well, that's worth a browse, right?STICKERS?! I EFFEN LOVE STICKERS!!! BUY IT NOW!
I don't know if this is on the reverse side of that same packet or if it's a second packet. I wasn't paying attention. But, like they're mine either way.The image of Spider-Woman was taken from the cover of the third issue of SW's comic. There IS a set of these very same stickers that utilize the art from SW #1 (the first image on this page), which is one of my all-time favorite comic illustrations! That set WILL be mine. Mark my words!The seller also had a DC set just like these... Aquaman?!And Wonder Woman?! Done and done!

And then came my Holy Grail moment. Something I had NEVER seen nor heard of before. Things I didn't know had ever existed upon this Earth!
These were "pack toys," cheaply made toys sold on a spinner rack at grocery and drug stores, meant to be impulse buys for parents trying to shut their kids up. They were usually very generic, like the same toy produced in different colors or with different stickers applied to align them with various licensed characters. That Vanity Set was surely produced in various themes. The Jewelry Set seems more specifically manufactured for Spider-Woman.




I... uh... probably shouldn't say how much I paid for them or what my top bid was... I'll just say NO MUTHERFUCKER was going to outbid me. Ahem. Yep, I won. Ouch. I will say that, OUCH! But... I mean... haven't you ever had that MUST HAVE moment where you just... HAD! TO!! HAVE!!! something?! So... I'm kind of on a budget right now and staying the eff off eBay! And Amazon! And even refraining from buying stuff at Target. Ugh... I mean, I'm THRILLED with them, but was it worth the price. Y'know what, in a year or so, I won't even remember that part of it! So... YES! So worth it!


  1. I had all 50 Spider-Woman comics plus her first appearances b4 those. I sold it all last year. Got nothing. I love Spider-Woman. I even have the cartoon.

  2. Luckily, I got the majority of my Spider-Woman comics and those Marvel Two-In-One appearances from the quarter bin of my comic shop when I was a kid. Sorry you had to give them up! I have a couple of episodes of the cartoon and honestly, I enjoy them more than the book itself.

  3. I wished the cartoon would have stayed true to Jessica Drew. They tried to do a spider-man/Wonder Woman combination. They even had her do a web spin to transform. After I sold my comics I bought the 2 Essential Spider-Woman books. Comics really do start to smell after so long. Now my Wonder Woman collection I will keep. I have 2 long boxes filled, all the trades, and a few Lynda Carter dolls.

  4. You might want to click on the Spider Woman thread. I discussed her a while back and I think the issue I had with her comics is they were over my head. I was only like 4-6 years old when they were being published and they were just too dark and super-natural for me. I was just barely graduating from Super Friends to Justice League and Avengers! Yeah, the cartoon was NOTHING like the comics, but I still enjoyed it because it was a little lighter. I hate to admit it, but I kinda love the "Spider Spin" transformation! (I think I love any instant transformation, including Fire-Star and Iceman.) I wish she'd had her venom bolts instead of strictly shooting webs, though.

  5. I still have the bubble gum comic, poor Dr. Doom, he should go to Hollywood and find a good surgeon ;) I had the ring too---well actually it was a keychain with the same image. But like all cheap toy prizes it eventually broke. I only have the metal image now without it's metal back piece. The cartoon made me eventually buy one of my first comics---the Avengers, which is the issue where Spider-woman loses her powers. The Avengers, Dr. Strange, She-hulk, etc all battle a monsterous Morgan Le Fay and save Jessica but she loses her powers. Blaaaaah. But it only took 20 years for Marvel to bring her back. Grrrr. Made me suffer with the other Spider-woman for all that time. They have a lot to answer for ;)

  6. Over time, I actually came to like Julia Carpenter, although I'm glad she knows she isn't the REAL Spider-Woman and now goes by Jessica's original code name, Arachne. Them other chicks can stay in limbo for all I care!