Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tomorrow Night Is The Big Event!

Prep your favorite party food and invite all your friends it's... the first episode of the second half of Glee's sophomore season! Woot!So in honor, I am going to do a little review of the new songs. I firmly believe the quality of the songs MAJORLY reflects the quality of the episode itself. The songs from LAST year's first-ep-of-the-second-half were SHITTAY! As was the episode itself!
This year's ep kicks off with "Thriller" with a dash of The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" featuring lead vocals by Artie and... I think Tina. (I have trouble distinguishing some of the girls' voices, especially the ones that don't sing lead that often.) I don't love the song "Thriller." I think it's the most over-played song of all time. It was probably the first time in my life where I decided I was tired of a song and never needed to hear it again. This would have been in Fourth Grade. It's just that it never goes away. EVERY October, there it is again, over and over. I can't miss you, if you don't go away! I'd have preferred just "Heads Will Roll" but of course I understand that for such a momentous occasion, they need a massive hit, so I get it and the execution is good enough. I won't be putting it in my Glee Faves iMix, but I don't hate it. Strangely, this song is now missing from iTunes. It was released with the rest... in fact, it was the title of this week's EP. Now the EP is entitled Bills Bills Bills and "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" is GONE! Hopefully it pops back up for fans who want it! That is really strange!
Next, the dreamiest boy ever and the Dalton Academy Warblers (the best thing to ever happen to this show) perform, what I consider a weird choice, Destiny's Child's "Bills Bills Bills." I mean, that just seems so obscure! Also, it had me worried... who is he singing this TO? Not Kurt! Nope, turns out not Kurt... or anybody really. It's just them practicing.

Blaine is the coolest character on TV! He's like the new Fonzie, except not old or cheesy. Even though it's a strange choice, I LOVE how they replicate the bleeps and bloops at the beginning vocally! So maybe that was why they chose it. I love their acapella sound! That's kind of what I like about the best songs from this show (like "Don't Stop Believin'"), that they sound like they're sung by a choir, not just individual singers recreating the originals. With The Warblers, they go a step beyond that, by not using any instrumentation. (...yet. See the end of this post.) While I don't love this song, they do an excellent job with it.
Next up, Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now." Gaaaaaaah... really?! This falls into the same category as "Billionaire" at the beginning of the season. Hey! Here's that song you got sick of six months ago! Enjoy! For a country song, I actually think it's good, but it was played out months ago! And it didn't get fresher in the meantime! And it's one of those where it's just them, in this case Puckleberry, singing and it sounds like the original. Sigh!

Finally, the last song is that sixties tune "She's Not There" which I didn't even listen to and probably never will. Throw that one in the pile with "Hello, I Love You." Too old!

So... that's not too promising. Other than "She's Not There," I don't HATE the chosen songs, but I don't love any of them either. I mean for such a huge event, they really needed to bring their A Game. We needed a "Don't Stop Believin'" or a "Teenage Dream" or a "Somebody To Love." This is expected to be Glee's biggest audience ever, but I'm afraid that with mediocre tunes, they won't be able to snag any new fans. (Not that they need them, it's already a massive hit, but still...) I'm still looking forward to it, though.

BONUS: The Warblers performing one of my faves, Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone!" The first time I think they've ever sung anything with musical accompaniment. Blaine has a romantic interest? And it's NOT Kurt?! Uh oh!

Is it just me, or could you watch a show just about The Warblers? Spin-off!

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